Attentions Should be Paid When Buy Office LED

by:Leimove     2020-07-04
According to the survey of led manufacturers in China, at present the commonly used office lighting products are mainly LED to absorb dome light, LED tube light, LED panel light, etc. Office illumination in 400-500 lx is the best. If you need a better work environment, you can add 50% of the intensity of illumination. Office lighting area is very diversified, with an open office, cubicle offices, hallways and channel area, reception room, etc.. How to decorate these areas of lamplight? Led manufacturers in China will analyse for us. 1, big open offices: This office generally used in open office space for customer service center and technology office. Therefore, in terms of lighting, give all surfaces as much as possible full and uniform illumination, so that all workstation can get sufficient lighting in order to work efficiently. Lighting should be benefit to employees' physical comfort, health, safety and alarm. The main lighting can use LED panel lamp or lamp. 2, cubicle offices, such as the manager's it: Manager's office often reflects the manager's taste and personality. High quality furniture, art and other decoration, can paint a picture of success for colleagues and business prospects. And in the office, generally it is a conversation task, as well as the development of all kinds of decisions for the company. On the lighting requirements, above the desk should satisfy at least 300 lx illumination, receive visitor area lighting needs to be soft, intensity of illumination in the 200 lx is better . We can use 3w and 5w LED tube lamp or lamp. High power lights can be mounted to the ceiling. 3, office corridor: Office corridor illumination should have a reasonable illumination transition with working area, intensity of illumination in around 200 lx. Lighting lamps and lanterns can choose LED canister light, or using the method of lamp belt, avoid using smooth reflector. 4, rest room and reception room: Room and reception room is equal to the company's 'business card'. The first impression is very important. Lighting can help to achieve the desired effect. The office atmosphere is given priority to soothing light, LED tube light or lanterns can be used. At present, because of cost, it may be difficult for the whole company to replace for the LED lamps and lanterns. However, the led manufacturers in China said that we can start from the small parts, such as first replace office, embedded in a reception room lamp, small indoor lamps and lanterns, as long as a good collocation, high energy saving efficiency, the time still can shorten.
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