Backlight LED TVs Explained

by:Leimove     2020-07-04
It can be difficult to stay informed in the fast-changing world of flat-panel televisions. The options are many right now, offering tremendous performance and constant updates. For many, the newest thing to look at are LED tvs, which today command premium prices and have captured a reputation as the most desirable sets on the market. So what is the difference between an LED screen and its counterparts, such as LCD and plasma? Well, it's not so hard to explain. A backlighted LED screen is actually an LCD screen that is lit differently than a regular LCD screen. Traditional LCD TVs are fully backlit with CCFL lights. These lights remain on all the time, and light the screen uniformly, so that contrast between lights and darks can be sacrificed somewhat. Backlighted LED screens are LCDs with LED lights used for backlighting instead of CCFL lights, and these lights can be arranged in one of two ways. One way is 'Direct' LED lighting, which arranges lights in clusters around the screen, and they can be turned on and off individually to light areas of the screen individually. This provides deep blacks and bright whites, especially useful for presentations with nighttime scenes, for example. Some believe this direct lighting can produce a notiecable 'halo' effect around objects that are directly lit. There are also LED TVs that utilize what is called 'Edge lighting,' which uses lights on the edge of the screen to shine light across the middle of the screen. Advantages of the edge lighting approach include the ability to create a thinner set with a clearer picture that also uses less power than any other type of TV. Some manufacturers consider this a superior approach. Anyone looking for lcdtv deals now would be wise to consider LED screens, because they appear to be the wave of the future. Even a small investment suh as a 22 inch lcdtv can benefit from the power of LED backlighting to make things look better on screen. LED screens are still commanding high prices, but those prices also continue to fall. Anyone shopping for a new television today is likely to consider an LED screen as an option, and LEDs appear to be the wave of the future for now. With their picture quality, sleek construction, and energy efficiency, it's not very hard to figure out why LEDs have become so popular. It's just a matter of finding the right price.
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