Be Careful About Cheap LED Flashlight Products

by:Leimove     2020-07-04
If you compare traditional bulb flashlight with LED flashlight, you will see that their prices are very much different. While LED supported flashlight clearly has better quality in illumination and energy efficiency than traditional flashlight, you must also pay for the price. LED flashlights can be two or three times more expensive than traditional flashlights with the same size and similar specs. Therefore, many people who look for this tool are always trying to find the best offer. However, while there are many good products out there with reasonable prices for their product classes, you must not be fooled by cheap tool that have long been marketed for household and practical using. While these products may be more economical in prices, they will force you to spend more money on another flashlight after a couple of years. Downsides of Cheap products Strong, high quality products have durable and tough outer casing, designed to stand breaking if you accidentally drop them. If you check the box and you see that the outer casing is made of anodized aluminum, this is a good sign. This type of aluminum is light but sturdy, the same material airplane manufacturers use to make planes. Many flashlight brands use this in their LED based product lines. On the contrary, cheap LED flashlights have outer casing made of plastic or flimsy metal that will break after you accidentally drop them. In addition, the casing may not be waterproof. Imagine if you are in the middle of emergency outdoor when it is raining, and you need your flashlight but you find out that cannot be turned on, it must be frustrating. A good LED flashlight usually has bright a yet smooth beam, with far illuminating range and one bright spot at the center to focus your view. Cheap LED flashlights, however, may show dark circles in the beam range when you turn them on. This makes the beam less effective in illuminating a very dark area, and it is distracting when you are trying to shoot a target (if you are a police officer that uses flashlight as shooting guide). Finally, make sure that the flashlight is not hot after hours of usage. You may notice that cheap LED flashlight tends to get warm and even hot if you use it for long duration. This is dangerous and endangering the component inside. You will have to buy new flashlight after a couple of years.
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