BlackBerry Curve 9220 Review

by:Leimove     2020-07-03
RIM's new Blackberry curve 9220, attractively priced at Rs 10,990 is specifically targeted at the youngsters in India. The blackberry curve 8520 was previously the top selling model for RIM and it had proven to be a big hit with the younger generation. Design The new Curve 9220 has a larger battery than its predecessor, but still, it is 1.2mm thinner. With classy looks, slim and lightweight, it has a sleek plastic body which is quite sturdy and can withstand quite a few falls without major damage. The Curve 9220 has a dedicated Blackberry Messenger key placed on the left side of the handset which gives instant access to the messenger. The top panel is uncluttered and houses only the screen lock key. The front has an LED notification light. The standard 35 key, backlit, narrow QWERTY keypad is typical of all Blackberry smart phones. An optical track pad is placed just below the screen. There is a microSD slot in the rear. The Blackberry Curve 9220 is available in the usual black and white apart from vibrant color options like fuchsia pink and teal blue. Display The Blackberry Curve 9220 has a 2.44 inch TFT LCD display with 320x240 pixels resolution at 164 ppi. It has high brightness and contrast levels and offers good color rendering. The screen is not scratch resistant, so it is advisable to cover with a scratch guard. Internals: Processor and Memory The Blackberry Curve 9220 is the first handset at this price point to be loaded with the latest Blackberry OS 7.1. This new operating system is sleek, fast and user friendly. The processor in the Curve 9220 functions smoothly without any lags in transitioning between different apps. With great multitasking capabilities, this phone is pre-installed with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Maps, Youtube, GTalk, etc. More apps can be downloaded from blackberry app world. The phone has an internal memory of 512MB and the phone memory can be expanded up to 32GB via the microSD card. The Blackberry Curve 9220 has an inbuilt FM radio. The voice quality and music playback quality both through the handset, loudspeaker and earplugs is good. Camera The camera quality is average. The 2.0 megapixel camera of the Blackberry Curve 9220 has a fixed focus rather than auto focus. The camera offers up to 5x digital zoom. There is a dedicated camera key on the right side of the phone. The lack of an LED flash results in low quality images in low-light conditions. But the camera produces excellent images and videos in bright sunlight. Battery life The removable 1450mAh battery in the Blackberry Curve 9220 offers excellent battery backup. It is said to give up to 7 hours of talk time or around 28 hours of music playback time. The company claims up to 18 hours of standby time for this phone. Connectivity One drawback of this handset is that it lacks 3G support. The Blackberry Curve 9220 is equipped with Wi-Fi and 2G. Conclusion This is a feature rich and budget friendly phone with for a great brand name like Blackberry and offers good value for money. An affordable smart phone with latest the latest Blackberry OS 7.1 and great battery life, the Blackberry Curve 9220 is a great buy for youngsters with its trendy color options. Popular Indian online shopping website, is offering the new Blackberry Curve 9220 at an amazing price of Rs. ............... as their .......... product of the month. Visit for many other amazing deals and bargains.
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