Can the EMC model of LED tube lamps work?

by:Leimove     2020-04-02
At present, some projects in the market adopt to install led downlights first, and then charge the difference between ordinary lighting lamps and led lamps. Do you think this method can work. I think it is difficult to implement it. First, the electricity bill before cannot be tested. Second, the electricity bill cannot be budgeted after replacing led lamps. Third, it is easy to cause many misunderstandings when installing led lamps. Fourth, the electricity bill will not be collected smoothly. In order to realize the seamless connection between offline and online of brand enterprise O2O, three aspects need to be opened up, namely, user opening up, commodity opening up and payment opening up. The opening of user behavior is mainly to open up traffic, manage the entrance and guide the traffic, of which map and location technology are the key. First of all, user connection refers to the connection between members and user behaviors. In terms of members, it is necessary to realize the connection between the member system, member rights and interests, and member data. Secondly, the main goal of commodity opening is to realize the electronicization of commodities, the opening of inventory logistics and the distribution of two-dimensional codes, and finally realize the data management of single items. Third, the payment link is an important link for enterprises to realize offline and online docking of O2O. The payment link requires a certain payment scenario, the design of the payment process and the setting of hardware and software. Some merchants who used to be in Guangcai City also entered the three-year rent-free policy. However, now that two years have passed, the market has not been cultivated. For this reason, some merchants have opened branches in other markets and only used it as a warehouse. Only by connecting users, commodities and payment can the integration of offline and online enterprises be realized, and the seamless connection between offline and online channels can be realized from OFweek semiconductor lighting network. According to some merchants, they all entered the three-year rent-free policy. In the first half of 2014, China's total export volume of lamp products was 126. 4. 6 billion yuan ( In Customs statistics, the measurement units of lamp products are not uniform, some by weight, some by Taiwan or sets, so it is impossible to calculate the export volume of lamps and lanterns) Compared with the first half of 2013, it increased by 27. 49%. The larger increase is still 94051000 chandeliers and electrical lighting devices on ceilings or walls, 94052000 electric desk lamps, bedside lamps or floor lamps, 94054090 unnamed electric lamps and lighting devices. Looking forward to the memory market in the third quarter, Weigang believes that the price of DRAM/NANDFlash will rise in the third quarter. The two major memories are out of stock at the same time. The peak season effect starts from August, including DRAM and NANDFlash, which are expected to rise due to insufficient supply, the price increase time will extend to the fourth quarter; In addition, Weigang is expected to push the operation into the peak season due to the price increase effect of DRAM and NANDFlash inventory. Shenzhen United exchange industry is also trying to implement this model, but the final result has yet to be certified. We firmly believe that the quality of the products is the first, as long as the performance of LED lamp products is stable, the implementation will be much smoother. If there is a problem with LED lamps made of low-end materials, there will be many problems in the future.
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