Carlos Slim Helu - The Richest Man on The Planet!

by:Leimove     2020-07-02
Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Helu, reached the first position in the top billionaires of the world, is little known to the public compared with other prominent business people worldwide. Although he built a business empire that has leadership in telecommunications in Latin America and who has business in trade, industry, petroleum, cement, cigarettes or banking sector, Carlos Slim Helu was held on the front page news media. fortune to represent seven percent of Mexico's gross domestic product. Financial arm of the group or lend the greatest presidents of local companies and are in very good relationship with Carlos Slim Helu. Restras style of Mexican business man but drew accusations of lack of transparency of its business and management arrangements with local politics supposed to keep out Mexican magnate concurenta.Atitudinea changed but lately, Carlos Slim Helu announced a campaign to change life in Mexico. Called Chapultepec Accord, the action initiated by Mexican businessman has attracted the support of hundreds of local businessmen, the large multinational and leftist politicians. 'Wealth is like an orchard,' said Slim Helu in an interview with Reuters. 'We need to share the fruit, not the orchard. What you have to do is to grow the orchard, to reinvest to make it larger or to develop other areas,' he said defending his financial empire. 'Poverty can not be solved through donations,' said Slim Helu philanthropic acts referring to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. 'Our guiding concept is that of solving problems and their causes, devotion and not Santa Claus,' he said. But analysts are suspicious intentions behind the initiative started by Mexican businessman. The cornerstone of the financial empire was represented by the takeover of the state telecommunications operator Telmex in 1990. Its opponents say the businessman has used its relationships with politicians in Mexico to ward off any multinational competitor. After investing hundreds of millions of dollars in modernization and expansion of telecommunications networks, led by Carlos Slim Helu group has assumed monopulul market profile in Latin America. Basically, the new phone lines in ten owned Telmex while the mobile unit, Telcel, operates 80% of telephone lines in Mexico. In addition, America Movil, which provides connection wirelles took over most rivals in the region, becoming the main player in the market with 100 million subscribers. Organization for Economic Development and Co accused Telmex of practicing exorbitant rates, allowing the monopoly position to gain substantial profits Spanish group. According to Forbes, the telephone bill for a small business is $ 60 in the U.S. while in Mexico exceeds $ 130. This view was supported by Mexico's central bank president, Guillermo Ortiz, who said his group monopulul owned by Carlos Slim Helu and thus prevent or decrease the price competition. Slim Helu defended himself saying that prices fell by 59% when he bought Telmex, they no longer increased by five years. In addition, the businessman said the central bank president uses these accusations to cover up abuses of state energy companies. Carlos Slim Helu, now aged 67, was born into a family with six children, the youngest child. His father, Julian Slim Haddad Aglamaz, of Lebanese descent, emigrated to Mexico in 1902 when he was a teenager and after nine years and opened a small shop, which would be the starting point of the family business. He then bought some property in downtown Mexico City, properties that have provided financial peace after his death in Slim Helu 1952.Carlos often said that his father is his mentor in business. 'Courage taught me that no matter how serious the crisis, Mexico will never go away, and if I trust the country, all investments will eventually bear fruit.' Mexican businessman is an engineer, before building his own empire occupying financial management positions within several multinational or scholarships regionale.Actiunile the group you lead, Carso Global Telecom, rose 15% last year and shares the mobile phone operator America Movil rose 4% after the announcement according to which would be interested in buying a third of Olimpia, Telecom Italia holding that contoleaza group. Carlos Slim Helu could be the richest man in the world, according to recent press reports last week of Mexican. In this country, where tens of millions of people live in extreme poverty, such a huge difference of income rather hot spirits. Helu Slim's companies dominate Mexico's telecommunications industry and have sold over 130 million mobile phones across America. His business is extensive in almost all areas - one company has built the largest offshore oil platform of Mexico, while another sells CDs. Slim Helu is involved in trade, banking, insurance, mining, construction of roads in the pro-duct of tobacco. Given that the basic distribution of income in Mexico is extremely distorted, Slim Helu has come to personify the small elite that controls much of the economy. So it is that eventually yielded to pressure to donate a good portion of his fortune huge. Earlier this year, Slim Helu has promised to increase funding nonprofit foundations offered his patronage of companies, from 4 to 10 billion dollars over the next four years. At the same time, promised to spend large sums for education and health. And began to attend the international philanthropy circuit, speaking at conferences to keep, to enter into relations with Bill Clinton and some of the Kennedys. In a recent two-hour interview, Mr. Slim promised that their donations will have no limit. We want to get to the root problems, without any limit, 'he said. Until now, Slim has already granted several interviews in his office, a place hidden on the top floor of one of its bank subsidiaries (Banco Inbursa) at few rooms away from a gallery that exhibits works of European and Mexican art. interviews, as a press conference held in March this year, which lasted about four hours seem that Slim Helu steps hopes reputation and little to sweeten the baron with close wealth of fraud. At a Cuban cigar and a Coca-Cola Light, Slim Helu and explained plans regarding distribution of wealth. It is a project of life, a challenge, he said. Solution to combat poverty lies in education, in creating jobs. You do not have to teach a man how to fish, as the Chinese used to say, instead of giving him fish and teach him how to fish, he must learn how to sell fish so that they can eat something else Besides fish. And further, he says, education is needed before an adequate health system, starting from the diet of pregnant women. Skeptics believe that the value of Slim Helu philanthropy should be measured by light damage it produces in economics monopoly of telephony industry. At some level I could praise his philanthropy, said Denise Dresser, a political analyst and professor at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico - but it would be better for Mexico if they stop first to block competition. The son of a Lebanese immigrant, Slim Helu is now 67, is widowed and has six children already adults - which is why he left the daily operations of his company in the hands of his sons and son in law. It has a lot of money and now you can think of more important issues, said Rossana Fuentes-Berain, editor in the newspaper El Universal, who has followed the career of Carlos Slim Helu in the last 15 years. He wants to be part of a world where making money is not an end in itself. Slim Helu made a fortune acquiring small companies at prices that put them up later. Evolution has lists of billionaires began immediately after the government sold the state monopoly Phone City in 1990, a group led by Slim Helu with France Telecom and what was then Southwestern Bell. Carlos Slim Helu was positioned as the third richest man in the world in 2006, according to Forbes magazine, and this year moved up a spot in the rankings with a net worth estimated at 53.1 billion dollars. Sentido Common, a publication that follows closely the evolution of online Mexican's fortune, but says companies where Slim Helu the value of shares has increased so quickly in the first six months of the year that the businessman is already the world billionaires ranking in with a combined wealth of 57 billion dollars, surpassing him as Bill Gates, Microsoft founder. To rise and go up there were paved but the annihilation of the competition, antitrust authorities made efforts to ensure market balance and intense lobbying in the political sphere, to block legislation that would have stood against. Competing companies say that the group or mobile, Telmex, stalling when it comes to ensuring their connection to its national network and to impose tariffs too big to carry the signal. Governor Central Bank of Mexico has criticized Telmex control the market, arguing that it undermined the country's international competitiveness. Carlos Slim Helu acknowledges that Telmex has 90% of the phone line in Mexico, but says that half of the most profitable competitors were awarded. We have never opposed to competition, he says. I have only come into play. However, Mexico's telephone market, with 16 telephone lines per 100 inhabitants, remained far behind compared to that of countries like Poland and Turkey in terms of penetration of the telephone services. With money earned in Mexico, Slim Helu has built the largest mobile phone company in Latin America - America Movil, which recorded a great success in markets like Brazil. On this is based, in fact, extend to other companies he owned to the south, especially those in construction and infrastructure, the stakes are tenders for building roads and dams. Mexican is a science of combining attention to detail inclination greedy for simplicity. All the elements necessary to make a decision, as he says, should fit on one sheet of paper. But when it comes to accuracy of the figures seem to disappear when you enter into the equation philanthropy, because you said that there is no evidence of amounts spent for this purpose and can not say where he goes most of the money they donate to charity. But the fact is that Slim is planning to establish an institute for health and one in education. Each of the two will be funded with a capital of 500 million dollars, according to Arturo's Elias, one of Carlos Slim Helu ginerii, which helps it in philanthropic activities. Then will follow a sports institute, dedicated to amateur sports. Institute For Health, Julio Frenk will work with Slim, a former health minister of Mexico who was last year on the short list of candidates heads the World Health Organization. Frenk's involvement has succeeded in some degree to slow down criticism of billionaires. If you want to do serious business, you have to work with professionals in the field, says Denise Dresser. In this regard I think Slim Helu going in the right direction. Among Mexico's philanthropic movement there is little hope that other businesses will follow the example of Slim Helu. Nonprofit sector in Mexico is very small and opaque, said Michael Layton, head of philanthropy and civil society project in an institute of technology. In the U.S., people understand that the rich are blessed by God with the use of community resources, consider Jorge Villalobos, director of the Center for Philanthropy Mexican. In Mexico, this view does not exist. Slim Helu Not that he would apologize to someone for his fortune. Wealth can be compared to an orchard or a fruit tree, says billionaire. You need to know to give people fruits, not tree branches. And we must plant more trees to create more wealth.
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