China has eliminated incandescent lamps with LED energy-saving lamps

by:Leimove     2020-04-01
LED energy-saving lamps are currently the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting lamps. LED energy-saving lamps have the advantages of low consumption, long service life and environmental protection, and will be further accepted by the market and applied to thousands of households. At present, China's LED energy-saving lamp manufacturers are concentrated in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other regional cities, and the sales volume is rising year by year. There is no doubt that LED energy-saving lamps replace incandescent lamps. People's Daily Online, Beijing, November 4 (Reporter Wei Qian) The reporter learned today from the press conference on the road map for phasing out incandescent lamps, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the announcement on the gradual prohibition of the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps. The 'announcement' decided to gradually ban the import and sale of general lighting incandescent lamps in stages according to the power level from October 1, 2012. Since next October, China has banned the sale of more than 100 watts of ordinary incandescent lamps. China is a major producer and consumer of lighting products. The output of LED energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps ranks first in the world. In 2010, the output of incandescent lamps and domestic sales were 38. 0. 5 billion and 10. 0. 7 billion. According to estimates, China's lighting electricity consumption accounts for about 12% of the whole society's electricity consumption. The use of high-efficiency lighting LED energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamps has great potential for energy conservation and emission reduction. The phase-out of incandescent lamps is of great significance for promoting the structural optimization and upgrading of China's lighting appliance industry, promoting the realization of the '12th Five-Year Plan' energy conservation and emission reduction targets, and actively coping with global climate change. The 'announcement' clarifies that China's roadmap for phasing out incandescent lamps is divided into five stages: the transition period from November 1-20, 2011 to September 30; From October 1, 2012, it is forbidden to import and sell 100 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent lamps; From October 1, 2014, it is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 60 watts or more; The mid-term evaluation period is from October 1-20, 2015 to September 30; From October 1, 2016, it is forbidden to import and sell general lighting incandescent lamps of 15 watts or above, or adjust according to the mid-term evaluation results. The National Development and Reform Commission said that the implementation of the road map will effectively promote the healthy development of China's LED energy-saving lamp lighting appliance industry and achieve good energy conservation and emission reduction effects. It is estimated that the output value of the new LED energy-saving lamp lighting appliance industry will be about 8 billion yuan (RMB)New jobs are about 1. 50 thousand, with an annual power saving capacity of 48 billion kWh and an annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of 48 million tons. Raymond-Professional LED energy saving lamp expert
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