Christmas Tree Decorations! What is Your Favorite?

by:Leimove     2020-07-01
There are tons of tree ornaments and decorations for Christmas trees but how to make a decision on what to put on your tree. I will run down a few options that I think are nice. Baubles, there are a lot of different types. Just start with what color you want. They have the classic white ones but all other colors are also available. What happened a few years ago is that you say see thru Baubles with decorations in it, like Christmas scenes. Now this has gone even a step further and they have been putting whole animatronics in the Baubles. If you are looking for different types of baubles you can also look for different shapes. The Christmas star or tree are standards that you should be able to find anywhere. The dented, ribbed and cone shaped are also shapes that should be easy to find. I very much like the icicles shaped ones. Christmas tree lights or candles. I would not put any real candles on my tree, some people swear that it gives a nicer effect but the danger is so much bigger. With smaller kids it's not an option. I now use led lights in my tree. They give a bright light that does not look like candles at all more like little stars. You also have the lights that are contained in some type of shape. Plastic baubles, little trees etc. Then the colored ones, I hate those I do not think they look Christmassy. I do how ever like the ones that twinkle, again It looks like little stars. Maybe I am just star struck. Then we have tinsels. These also come in a large variety of shapes sizes and colors. There are 3 basic types; one the beaded, this is just a string of small glass globes, pearls; they look nice and reflect the light from you Christmas lights in all different directions. They them self's start looking like small lights. Then there are the tasseled ones. They are made mostly from small strips of colored aluminum. They reflect the light every where without looking like a small light them self. The last of the 3 basic types is just the standard ribbon. This is normally a white, gold or silver ribbon that is twisted around the tree. Tree toppers. There are only two types of tree toppers for me. That is the angel and the star. I prefer a white angel it looks better. I know when I was young we had a star on a peek. This is a long thin tube that you push over the top of the tree and on the top of the tube the star stands. Fake snow! something that I really like but hardly ever use is the fake snow. I like the effect it gives. The spray canes are the best. It really looks like snow. The bad thing about it is that I have an artificial tree and the clean up of the fake snow is not a nice job. It so sticky that you have to clean every needle from you fake tree.
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