Colour Temperature explained for energy saving

by:Leimove     2020-07-01
The colour of the light from light bulbs has always been the same over the last 100 years until just recently. The electricity passing through the filament makes it white hot and this develops a yellowish light colour. The progression in science applied to energy saving light bulbs now means that they can be created with a spectrum of different white colours. The shades can be a bluish cool white through to the yellowish glow that is developed by a traditional light bulb. So our lives have got more complex again! Previously there was just one alternative but how there are a spectrum of choices to mull over to pick the perfect one for a living area or a garage. The market now has halogen bulbs, CFL's and LED Bulbs which means there is now lots of choice. In this short and complete analysis I will provide more data regarding colour temperature and the underlying principles which should assist people in selecting the right energy saving light bulbs . Detail behind colour temperature for energy saving light bulbs. The normal measure for light colour is colour temperature and the measure used is Kelvin ranging from 2700K to 6400K (Kelvin). The accepted way of designating light colour is to use the colour temperature indicator in the range from 2700-6400Kelvin (K). Steel when heated from temperatures between 2700K and 6400K will to begin with turn yellowish and then from red and white to blue. A common filament bulb has a colour temperature of approximately 2700K which produces a warm yellow glow. Standard halogen bulbs have a higher colour temperature which give a white colour greater than 3000K. If the colour temperature is further more heightened to 3500K you get the white glow appropriate to a standard fluorescent tube or regular CFL energy saving light bulbs and certain LED bulbs. Midday sunlight has a colour temperature at the greater level of 5500K. Right at the very top of the scale for light bulbs is a colour temperature of 6000K which is identical to the light colour on an overcast day. There is one feature that is daunting which is that a designated cool colour temperature for energy saving light bulbs is at the top end of the range. On the contrary a warm colour temperature of 2700K, which is named warm because of the warm glow, is as a matter of fact at the cold end of the scale. How do you choose the best colour-temperature of energy saving light bulbs for your space requirements? As a general rule the most appropriate choice for interior areas like living or dining rooms is the 2700k warm colour temperature energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs . Warm light energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs are preferable with subtle skin tones and does not uncover blemishes. In addition it calls forth the best appearance of fabrics and soft furnishings making it the preferred choice. At the other end of the scale is cool light which radiates from daylight energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs. This is a crisp whitish blue light which is just perfect for work areas and clinical environments. For an area which is used for work and relaxation then the ideal energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs would be in the range of 3000-5000K which provide good visual clarity but not a too harsh light.
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