CRT High Definition TV Or Even LCD HDTV?

by:Leimove     2020-07-02
Televisions have come a long way since it was invented in the 1920s. From Cathode Ray Tube Televisions to Liquid Crystal Display Televisions, knowing the varieties of televisions can help you choose the right one for you. So here are lists of the different kinds of Televisions and how HDTV measure up against these types. Cathode Ray Tube Television Short for CRT TV; the CRT has been the type of Television that most of us were accustomed to since we were born. A CRT is a vacuum tube that generates pictures by projecting an electron beam onto the face of the tube. CRT HDTV can produce very clear and sharp images, and less object distortion. However, a CRT TV can be very big and heavy too, the body can be very bulky. A standard CRT HDTV has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and it is spaciously built that is why it is often criticize by those factors. But now, more Television manufacturers like SAMSUNG and SONY are making slimmer and lighter CRT HDTVs that will rival the flat panel HDTVs. And there are CRT HDTVs nowadays with a picture ratio of 16:9 with wider viewing perspective. How do other types of Television match up? Well, LCDs, LEDs and Plasmas are known for flat panels and for their light weight. They are very easy to lift and easy to carry around the house even if they are 45 inches big. LCD, LED and PLASMA HDTVs can also deliver superb picture quality just like CRT HDTVs. For me, when it comes to better angle viewing and better black level contrast I pick the CRT HDTV because it has that slight edge over its rivals. But an LCD, LED or a Plasma HDTV has a huge advantage over the CRT HDTV when it comes to large screen sizes, design and transportability. It is very difficult to transport a 36 inches CRT HDTV to other rooms and other places. Portable Television A portable TV is a small television, and its usual dimensions are 7 up to 14 inches. There are two very common types of portable televisions that are sold in the market, a portable CRT television and a portable LCD television, ranging from 7 inches to 14 inches. The most common portable TV sold in the market today are portable LCD HDTVs, but I'm not aware if there are portable CRT HDTVs out there. Comparing a portable CRT TV to a portable LCD HDTV, an LCD HDTV is the winner without a doubt. However, if there is one, then a portable CRT HDTV and a portable LCD HDTV will have no difference at all. Since pixels in smaller screens are hard to notice and a small television is not that hard to carry even if it is a CRT TV. The only difference is that if the CRT TV is not an HDTV, it is always best to go with HDTVs for better picture quality. Many people still prefer CRT HDTVs compared to LCDs, LEDs, and Plasma HDTVs because for them, they prefer the picture quality of a CRT HDTV. And one more reason they prefer a CRT HDTV is because it is much cheaper than an LCD, LED and Plasma HDTV. The people who should buy a CRT HDTV are those people who has a lot of room to spare and those who has a lot friends to help them carry the bulky and heavy TV. But it is still your choice; if you prefer the picture of a CRT HDTV then you should just go for it.
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