Difference Between Led Bulbs And CFL And Incandescent

by:Leimove     2020-06-29
In ancient days oil is used for the lamps which are environmental friendly. Later came incandescent light which gives little light and produce more heat, which is not good for environment. This was replaced by Compact Fluorescent light. Though it is better than the previous one it has its own defects. The mercury present in this CFL lights are not good for both health and environment. Then, the latest invention of LED bulbs is good in all aspects. It is good for energy saving and economic conditions. It is also eco-friendly since it doesn't produce heat. The life span for Incandescent light is 1,200 hours. For CFL Fluorescent the lifespan is for 10,000 hours. But the LED bulbs have the longest lifespan of 60,000 hours. The power capacity of an incandescent light is 60W whereas in CFl Fluorescent the power is 14W. The LED bulbs have the minimum power of only 6W. The incandescent 60w bulbs cost is $ 1.25. The cost for CFL fluorescent bulb is $ 2.98. But LED per bulb cost is $15.98, which is higher than the other bulbs. The electricity consumption for the use of 60K hours of incandescent light is 3, 600 KWh. For CFl light the consumption is 840KWh for 60K hours. The LED bulbs consumption of electricity is only 360KWh for 60K hours, which is very low and it reduces the electricity bill. Electricity cost (@ $ 0.20 per KWh) for incandescent light is $720.00. The cost for CFL light is $168.00. For LED bulbs the cost is only $72.00 only. Bulbs needed for using the bulb for 60K hours is 50 for incandescent light and for CFl it is 6 and for LED only 1. Bulb expenses of incandescent bulb are $62.50 and for CFL it is $ 17.88 and for LED it is $15.98. Total cost for the incandescent illumination is $782.50 and for CFL it is $185.88 and for LED it is $87.98. For environmental conditions the incandescent and CFL lights are damaging. But LED bulbs are friendly. Heat is produced in incandescent light is more? In CFL the heat is less, but in LED it is the least. Maintenance is zero in LEDs when compared to the other bulbs. LEDS are not weather sensitive, but other bulbs are sensitive to weather conditions. But the Lumens are equal for all the three lights. The comparison statement enables a person to choose energy efficient light bulbs, which is good at every aspect.
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