Dismantling contrast - to talk about cabbage LED bulbs in the end is not worth buying __ what is worth buying

by:Leimove     2019-01-01

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This station Baijijun recommended two cabbage LED bulbs, I am afraid that it is non-Op and the United States, these two bulbs have a long-term 1.9 yuan, 2.5 yuan, leaving some of the well-known business practices of the business. Today, we are saying that these two light bulbs are not worth buying.

First of all, we must make the most basic understanding of LED. LED is a sensitive semiconductor device with negative temperature characteristics, so it needs to be stable and protected during the application process, thus creating the concept of driving. A qualified LED lamp has high requirements for efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power supply life, and electromagnetic compatibility of the driving power supply. These factors must be comprehensively considered when designing the LED driving power supply.

There are several ways to drive LED lights at present:

In addition to meeting safety requirements, LED driver circuits also need to ensure:

First, keep the constant current characteristics as much as possible, especially when the power supply voltage changes ±15%, it should still be able to keep the output current within ±10%. The main reason is to avoid the drive current exceeding the maximum rating, affecting its reliability; obtaining the expected brightness requirements and ensuring the brightness and chromaticity of each LED. Second, the driver circuit should maintain its own low power consumption, so that the system efficiency of the LED can be kept at a high level.

We specifically analyze the schemes of Opto and Midea's two LED lights.

This LED light of Oupu is marked with 2.5W6500K. Through disassembly, we can see that this LED bulb uses four 3528LED patches in series.

The four LED patches are cooled by copper on the PCB.

After the LED board is soldered, the power board can be pulled out.

A 33 ohm current limiting fuse is used at the AC220V input of the power board.

This is a very typical RCC constant current drive. RCC is simple and practical. It has the function of automatically limiting the output power. It can achieve constant voltage and constant current, but the accuracy is not very good. There may be a 10% error, mainly through The transformer and the feedback regulator are connected to control. Although the RCC circuit is simple, it is not easy to be stable and efficient, but the advantage is cheaper and more reliable than the resistance-capacitance scheme. Therefore, it is a kind of LED lamp driver widely used by many manufacturers. Program. This solution uses a 4242DT high voltage fast switching NPN power transistor.

Let's take a look at this beautiful LED light, 3W220LM. After disassembling, the same three 3528 LED patches are connected in series.

The LED panel uses aluminum to dissipate heat, which is more reliable than using PCB copper to dissipate heat.

A 10 ohm current limiting fuse is used at the input of the AC220V power board.

The power supply scheme is a CS6583 single-inductor non-isolated step-down LED constant current driving circuit. It operates in the inductor current critical continuous mode and is suitable for the AC85V-265V full-voltage input range. The operating current of the circuit is extremely low, requiring only a few external components. The output current of the system is independent of the inductance. This circuit has excellent linearity and load regulation and low system cost.

Through the analysis of the two cabbage LED lights, we can find that, relatively speaking, Midea's LED circuit solution is more excellent and reliable, and it is more expensive than Op's in terms of production cost.

However, both LED lights have virtual standards. From the official parameters, it can be seen that Oupu is 2.5W, and the US is nominally 3W. However, it can be found from the disassembly analysis, whether it is a nominal 2.5W or 3W LED. It is only used in 4 3528 LED patches in series. 3528 standard color temperature 2900K-3100K, common brightness 6-7 LM, 7-8 LM, voltage range 3.0-3.1V, 3.1-3.2V, working current IF = (20mA), power 0.07W.

At present, the common practice in the industry is that low-cost LED lights are used to make the LED particles work close to the limit. Even so, the four 3528s are only 0.28W. I once removed a beautiful LED bulb named 3W and used 12 3528. This shows how serious the virtual LED is.

Through the analysis of these two LED lights, personal advice, when not necessary, we try to buy LED lights that are more reasonable in price.

This is not for a specific brand, but for the cabbage LED that is ubiquitous on the market, even if it is to be purchased, it is best to use it in some non-essential occasions, and pay attention to the potential safety hazards that may exist during its use.

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