DIY, Portable LED A Portable Light For Ever Situation

by:Leimove     2020-06-30
For when you need light on the subject. This puck light would have to be on the wish list of every tradesman, car fanatic and DIY nut. These LED lights stick to stuff they can be moved around and these puck lights are infra red. A torch won't get light onto what you want to see without holding it correctly and most work lights can be pretty bulky, which prevents you getting them under the car for undercarriage work. And you can definitely scratch out the possibility of using most portable LED lights as safety lights or undercabnet lighting. Wholesale electronics supplier Chinavasion thinks it might have something that fits the bill nicely, the LED light puck for car and undercabinet use. With a brightness level of 120,000 MCD this LED puck light doesn't only throw off a whole heap of light it is also small enough to not get in the way when you're working. The LED work light also has four strong magnets, and a screw-based mounting face which means that you shouldn't have problems putting it on the ceiling or under a shelf for under cabinet lighting as well as using it as a portable light. This LED is also PIR operated meaning that regardless of whether you're using it as an emergency light or a safety LED light, or a work light or for under cabnet light you won't need to have to fumble for a switch. Check out the specs for this great PIR puck light at Chinavasion or see what else chinavasion has in store at
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