Domestic LED enterprises should create international quality

by:Leimove     2020-03-31
A domestic LED lamp fatal Enterprise believes that as an enterprise with a well-known brand, it should always be clearly aware that only by taking the road of independent innovation and differentiated competition, produce products with independent patents, core technologies and unique performance, and strive to build a Chinese national brand and go to the world stage. In order to successfully break through in the red sea of the industry, continuous technological innovation is essential. This year is the year when LED lighting marketing tactics broke out. Although many companies carry out various marketing techniques, some companies have used the practice of more than ten years ago to make money for exhibitions. Not long ago, a traditional LED lighting company planned an order meeting to buy lights and send cars. However, in recent years, many companies have seen that the tactics of the sea of people, regardless of the cost of marketing ports, have become more and more fierce. Using the fast-moving consumer goods to do LED product marketing can only let oneself fall into the quagmire of rapid failure. Although LED lighting brings great opportunities to enterprises, it is useless to do marketing wars, expand marketing teams and fight price wars when products and supplies are not ready. 'Many people think that LED is very simple, but in fact it is not easy to get sick. Haier's LED lighting has not been successful, and the sales volume of LED lighting of TCL, Midea and other home appliance giants is not high. '' In the early days, LED lighting could be used as fast-moving consumer goods, but now it is no longer possible. From now on, the industry has been eliminated. At present, there are more than 10000 lighting enterprises, and it is good to leave 1000. Future competition is not a single marketing strategy, but capital, team, front-end marketing, back-end supply, products, service capabilities, response speed and other competitions. Excellent enterprises should be reflected in these aspects. 'It is difficult to rely on fast-moving and scale wars. It should be the strategy of large enterprises. 'Since the LED' fast consumer goods 'era is at the critical point of the end, why are there so many companies doing it? From the perspective of the whole industry, I think there are good and bad. Without price war, it will not urge market competition and enterprise innovation. Although the price war leads to market chaos, from a historical point of view, the chaos of the current situation will lead to a better dynasty. The LED industry is the same. The more chaotic the market is, the faster the orderly day will come. The key is whether the market chaos can create a situation in which a hundred schools of thought contend and the orderly development of the industry, this is the most important and most concerned. Therefore, I think as an end consumer, what I prefer to see is the cost performance, spending the right money to buy a suitable product, not spending 1. 8 yuan buys a bulb lamp that even the manufacturer is not at ease. Only when there is competition can there be good products and good enterprises produce them. Although these enterprises with low price strategy are the stick of muddling the industry, they will become 'cannon fodder' sooner or later, and one day they will have to pay for their irresponsibility for the industry and products. But we can't deny that the role of cannon fodder is that they have made the LED industry have such a situation today. Through this exhibition, I saw the prevalence of low-cost marketing strategies, and I also saw that the future of the industry will be more orderly. Let more people pay more attention to and pay more attention to LED industry.
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