Drawbacks of LED Bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-06-28
If we consider different lighting options then we will find that there is big variation as we change option. Some bulbs are cheap while they produce more electricity bulb while there are some that are hard to install because they are costly. In this article, we will let you know major drawbacks of light emitting diode bulbs that are less known to people. We often see lucrative advertisements of LED bulbs but when you research about these bulbs then story is completely different. These bulbs are actually a threat to health. There are many research centers all across the globe which have come with a common outcome that these bulbs are threat for eyes. In many newspapers, this news has been covered but LED bulb manufacturing companies are still defending it. It is also right that there is no press release by any government in the world regarding these bulbs but research centers have started their campaign. If you simply search on search engine with keywords like 'LED and eyes', LED threat to eyes' etc then you will get plenty of websites that are stuffed with the right information. You can also refer to magazines and newspapers websites that cater the same information. There are many big names that are involved in the production of light emitting diode bulbs so you can understand about acceptability of these bulbs. Time has come when we should say yes to our health and no to all threats. Many tempting advertisements are created with messages like light emitting bulbs are the best because your power bill will be reduced, you will get better lighting and many other features. It is right that these bulbs are economical but what about threat to eyes? If you are ready to save some energy bill and spend more with doctor then you can opt for LED. You should have the right approach at all stages when it comes to the selection of the right option for your lighting needs. I would like to recommend you that there are many options like incandescent bulbs, CFL that can be used. Before finalization of any option, you must go for check on it. You should do research through internet and then opt for any option. Always remember that health should be your first preference and then any other option. Opt for the best lighting option after research and enjoy safe lighting.
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