Electrician knowledge: The LED lights in your home are broken and you are not asking for help. You can analyze 3 common faults.

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Electrician knowledge: The LED lights in your home are broken and you are not asking for help. You can analyze 3 common faults.

LED lights are now very common, high brightness, long life, and more styles, small LED bulbs, large chandeliers.

However, LED lights occasionally have problems of no light and darkening and power failure. Today we simply analyze the reason, in fact, the structure of the LED light is very simple, to find the problem, we can simply fix it.

Beautiful ceiling light

First, the structure of the LED light

Nowadays, there are common ceiling lamps and ordinary small bulbs, each with a different style, but the internal circuits are similar.

When we open the outer casing, we can see a lot of small lamp beads, which are all stringed together. The more the beads, the higher the brightness.

Then there is a controller, that is, the driver functions as a buck, constant current, rectification, and filtering.

Some LED lights are externally mounted, some are internal and are not visible.

Densely small lamp beads


Second, the LED light does not shine analysis

1. Use an electric pen or a multimeter to see if there is power at the input. The multimeter directly measures whether the voltage at the input is 220 volts. If there is no power at the input, then there is a problem with the wires that are connected to the LED bulb. If there is electricity, check it further.

Use an electric pen to check if there is power at the input

2, then check the driver, the bulb is not bright in most cases, the drive is broken, the input is normal, a small lamp bead is not bright after power-on, that is, the drive is broken, you can change the drive separately.

Professional can open the repair, will not directly replace the new

Third, the LED lights are dimmed

The small lamp beads are stringed together and then divided into several groups, each group being in parallel. If a small lamp bead is broken, this group is not bright, but the other groups still glow normally, but the overall brightness is reduced. If you can't see which lamp bead is broken, you can use the multimeter's diode file to directly look up with the red and black test leads. Find a small resistor in place or replace it with a lamp bead.

The multimeter's diode file has a voltage of about 2.8 volts.

Fourth, the LED light is off

Most of the reasons for this are caused by the switch controlling the neutral line, and the cause is adjusted. Be sure to ensure that the zero line enters the light and the fire line enters the switch. There is also a switch with an indicator light, the weak current inside the indicator light illuminates the lamp bead, weak light. In addition, the quality of the LED light is very rubbish, and it generates an induced current. At this time, it may be normal to replace the incandescent lamp. If you do not want to use an incandescent lamp, buy a small relay, string it into the circuit, and absorb the induction.

String to the line

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