Entering an Era of LED Outdoor Advertising?

by:Leimove     2020-06-26
Saudi Arabia Pavilion 'Moon boat' smiling faces of children around the world, China on Taiwan in the Museum of rising launch 'day light', Museum of national grid 'magic box' 720 illusion of space in Sth With excellent performance and excellent plasticity, LED display technology flourished during the World Expo in Shanghai. Today, develop the technology in the field of outdoor advertising in Shanghai. Today, the Phoenix main 12v LED screens advertising Phoenix, owned by urban media, specially selected Shanghai held five anniversary; and the Shanghai Bureau of the newly released 2011 top outdoor media companies in this city, Tulip mega media specializing in outdoor LED display advertising Shanghai ranks among the top three to $ 364 million of operating income. It is learnt that the current National Outdoor LED display advertising market share, 60% held in the hand of the two companies. Whether this indicates that Shanghai has become a strategic outdoor LED media 'Highlands'? All kinds of outdoor LED display advertising for new media enterprise so compelling, does that mean the rise of an era LED outdoor advertising? LED fish Whether it's walking in New York or Tokyo's Ginza, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, it is hard to imagine without the embellishment of Gu10 LED bulbs and billboards, the world-famous night will be overshadowed. Outdoor media applications of new technologies to stimulate the global LED display advertising growth. Different from traditional outdoor media such as road signs, light boxes, neon lights, LED display panel manufacturing is not limited by the area, and of slim build, dependency on various public occasions, shows the mass of text, images, animation, coupled with high brightness, full-color, easy quick error detection, and other unique features, to make advertising more rendering power and power. United States outdoor advertising market, outdoor video up shares of the 80%, which LED display is a new high profit growth. According to the 2011 outdoor advertising in China amounted to $ 51.5 billion, an increase of 14%, electronic screens LED outdoor advertising market size reached $ 1.215 billion, an increase of 35.5%. According to Analysys International forecasts, from 2008 onwards, electronic screens LED outdoor advertising market in China will maintain average annual growth of 28% more than 7 years in a row, reached $ 1.55 billion in 2012, 2015 will grow to $ 2.76 billion. LED display in the outdoor advertising industry in China's rise is not a fluke. 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and other activities organized around the State as the beautification of urban lighting project and the important measures to promote city to allocate special funds to support regional shopping malls, streets, people flow to be transformed. In various media, LED display features the most fit this need, city image advertising, public interest advertising and dissemination of emergency information. At the same time, new LED technology to improve the brightness of the glow tube, can ensure a more economical energy consumption on the basis of providing a better image saturation, reduce light pollution. In addition, LED flood light is the world's most important production base in China, 2011 the domestic scale of LED industrial output had exceeded 150 billion yuan, has met the natural advantages of LED applications in a large number of outdoor advertising, so as to promote further escalation of the related industries. A set of data that favored domestic market for LED display, during the Beijing Olympic Games and the World Expo in Shanghai, outdoor billboards in Beijing and Shanghai were removed blocks of up to 30,000 and 47,000 respectively, LED outdoor display is fresh by waves, instead of getting a Beijing Wangfujing Street, Zhongguancun, Shanghai Jing an Temple, people's square, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Shenzhen huaqiang North urban center. At the end of last year, 15 major cities across the country has nearly 500 pieces of outdoor LED advertising screen is put into operation.
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