Evolution of led Downlight

by:Leimove     2020-04-01
After the led downlight entered the main lighting popularization in developed countries from 2009, due to its environmental protection, small size, high reliability and other characteristics, it gradually entered the sight of consumers in our country. As a result, many led downlight manufacturers have also emerged. With the development of led downlights, the market for led downlights has gradually developed. So far, it has mainly experienced the following stages. 1. The utility model stage of led tube lamps in this stage, the market has certain recognition and acceptance of led tube lamps, at this time, the characteristics of led tube lamps such as small volume, energy saving, electricity saving and high reliability are gradually highlighted. led tube lamp manufacturers have developed a series of products that are completely different from traditional light source applications, products such as LED bulbs, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps, led lamps, etc. gradually enter ordinary civilian households, and light sources do not only play a lighting role, many of its changes are posted into people's work and life. At this time, led Downlight manufacturers are fighting for the advantages of design and application. 2. The replacement and acceptance stage of led tube lamps this stage is the initial stage of the development of led tube lamps. At that time, led tube lamps had high luminous efficiency and long service life, but the selling price was high, and were mainly used in the commercial lighting market, the customer is still in the process of transition and love in habit and appearance, and has not yet entered the civil lighting. All led Downlight manufacturers are striving for quality and price advantages. 3. led tube lamp intelligent control stage the led tube lamp in this stage develops at a high speed, from home to office building, from road to tunnel, from car to walk, from auxiliary lighting to main lighting, the figure of led Downlight manufacturers can be seen everywhere, and they are gradually developing towards intelligent control lamps, bringing higher-level services to mankind. LED tube lamp industry has also moved forward from simply making products to providing overall solutions.
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