Firefighter Lights How Are They Different And Special

by:Leimove     2020-06-25
Firefighter lights are special and different for many reasons, which is why they come handy during emergencies and fire rescue missions. LEDs are used for fire rescue missions these days because LEDs offer greater luminous flux for lower wattage as a result of which the equipment becomes smaller. A few LED bulbs configured together in the form of a flash light can easily be used as a highly reliable light source during a rescue mission. Besides, LEDs are known not to burn out abruptly and are rated for a very long life. Hence, their energy consumption and reliability make them preferred lighting elements in spotlights, floodlights and fire rescue emergency lighting. Modern firefighter lights can be used with 3 - 5 1W ultra-bright LEDs that can provide both white light as well as coloured light depending upon the colour of the lenses you use and the optic spreading filters. For spot lights, you can even go for optical grade glass lenses that can give you a beam angle of around 30-degrees which is highly focussed. You can also pick clear, polycarbonate replaceable lenses which are toughened and are highly durable. The eco-friendly lights are ideal for fire rescue missions because LED lighting isn't harsh in the eyes and hence you wouldn't distract or temporarily blind someone in the eye by flashing the bright lighting. The range of the firefighter lights can be greatly enhanced using LEDs. When you want visibility through smoke and haze, LED lights provide the perfect option because of their intense penetration. Besides, you can use the intensity control knob to adjust the lighting based on the visibility. Interestingly, the colour of the lighting can be varied too with options like purple, yellow, green, red, blue and warm white. You can make use of 6 - 7 lumen LEDs which are small in size but are highly efficient. In fact, the frequency too can be controlled in advanced lighting equipment, which helps in enhancing the penetrative nature of the light beams if required. High impact resistant plastic, glass filled nylon or rigid aluminium shells are used for the casing of the firefighter lights. This makes them structurally strong and capable of handling heavy duty usage. In spite of their strength, they remain lighter. In fact, some of the lights used by fire fighters during rescue missions are so light that the lights can actually be mounted on their helmets using Velcro straps or snapped in on their wrists using bands. This enhances their capabilities as their hands are freed up to rescue others. Metal U type clips are also used in some firefighter lights. Larger bars can be used for brighter lighting providing lighting output in excess of 300 lumens. Interestingly the current draw of the LED lights is very low. The fact that these lights are waterproof as well makes them ideal for fire rescue missions where there is water being sprayed around. The casing is corrosion and dust resistant too and their brightness isn't affected by the soot all around.
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