Fluorescent Bulbs-A Revolution in History of Bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-06-25
Importance of light-bulbs in our life Undoubtedly the best use of electricity to is to create artificial light from light-bulbs. They illuminate the atmosphere every time when we are in darkness. There are large varieties of light-bulb available on the market today. Fluorescent, incandescent, LED, halogen and are the most popular ones. More options always lead to more confusion while making a choice. Fluorescent bulbs-a better choice over incandescent bulbs If your choice is purely incandescent bulbs then, simply choosing a high wattage doesn't assure the light to power ratio that you actually wanted. Your investment in power usage may not get the quality of brightness you hoped for. So it's better to nicely consider fluorescent tubes while making a choice. They give a higher light output for low power consumption because being of low wattage. A fluorescent tube works on a completely different principle from a standard incandescent bulb to produce light. At either end of a sealed glass tube there are two electrical contacts. A mixture of gases and an electrical charge are placed across the tube. So the electrons flow from one end of the glass tube to the other. These electrons strike the other atoms in the tube and cause a rush in them causing them to cause energy flow the phosphor coating of the inside of the tube and the phosphor emits light. Unimaginable efficiency of fluorescent bulbs Less energy is wasted in heat production in this process. A 20Watt fluorescent can produce as much light as an 80W traditional bulb. Moreover, these light-bulbs have a higher lifespan than incandescent bulbs. While regular light-bulbs can be up to 1000 hours, compact fluorescent bulbs can operate up to 15,000 until they work. This is definitely a huge difference, and it just shows cost effectiveness of fluorescent bulbs. It saves you from the worry of frequently changing the bulbs. Types of fluorescent bulbs There are many types of fluorescent tube available in the market today and the majority of them are traded by their T or F number. T represents that the lamp is tubular and F represents that the lamp is fluorescent. The first number given usually tells about the power of the lamp and the length and the second number in the sequence gives the diameter of the lamp if it is tube like. Drawbacks of fluorescent bulbs The major drawback of fluorescent tube is their disposal, as they contain some substances which are not environment friendly so don't just dump them in your garbage. Another major problem for fluorescent lamps is their initial cost. They are more expensive than standard lamps, but the low wattage and the long life of the lamp makes the deal fair enough. All fluorescent tubes look to be a far better choice. Whether you want to save money, save energy, or save the environment, these small, bright light-bulbs will do the job well. Lots of websites can give you all information and great deals regarding cheapest and most compact fluorescent light-bulbs.
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