Fort Canning Lighthouse A Beacon of Light

by:Leimove     2020-06-25
There were distinct signs of a nation that was set to flourish as a commercial capital of the world even a few centuries ago in Singapore. Unknowingly infrastructure was put in place for the city to thrive in the modern era. Singapore is an island nation, marginally missing being connected to Malaysia on the North and Indonesia on the South. During British colonization, the East India Trading Company built one of its offices in the nation and it was only a century and a half later that it became entirely self governed. Since those times the country has come a long way both in opulence and prosperity. Its emergence as a commercial giant has led it to being listed among the 'Four Asian Tigers'; the others being South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the present context, the Port of Singapore is considered to be among the five busiest harbours in the world and upon perusing the historian's records of the nation it is evident that even in the past this same port was used for business purposes. As was the practice during the time, a lighthouse was erected along the shoreline to direct the ships and yachts that moved through the Malacca Strait in the dark. This lighthouse was named 'Fort Canning', since it stands on 'Fort Canning Hill' and has contributed significantly to the naval powers of the country. After nightfall, light emanated from a kerosene lamp that generated over 20,000 candlepower casting glows onto the ocean waves to help ship's captains steer their craft to and from the Singapore Harbour without peril. The original structure was dismantled as other buildings were constructed between it and the sea. However, a replica was built adjoining its original location, to remind the future generations of the island of the role it played in the nautical world. Though the land mass is not significant and engineers strive to reclaim as much land as possible, Singapore is a country that has a blend of the very best of the past and present to offer. Most of the Singapore hotels are lavish and welcoming. The country is recognized as a hot spot by tourists, entrepreneurs and businessmen alike, thus the hotels in Singapore are well geared to handle the range of customers that call over. Millennium hotels Singapore have a number of such hotels that its clientele can choose from, all of which guarantee comfort and luxury.
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