General Lighting Solid-State Lighting LED Lamp

by:Leimove     2020-06-24
This report, by Company, provides the research findings of our study of the Australian consumption of Light Emitting Diode lamps (also known as 'consumer-level bulbs' or 'consumer-level globes'), which are used in luminaires in stationary (non-vehicle) solid-state lighting (SSL) General Lighting applications. General Lighting Stationary Applications The definition used by Company for General Lighting is - lighting that is used to provide the main illumination of an area. Company includes Directional Lighting, Supplementary Lighting and Architectural Lighting in the General Lighting category; however, 'architainment' lighting, such as large display units are not considered in the General Lighting segment. LEDs used in signage, displays, signals, decorative Christmas/holiday lighting are not included in the market forecast data for this study. LED lamps used in theaters, photography, news-gathering (TV broadcasts, film, similar) and even lighting used in nightclubs on the dance floor and in operation rooms (surgery) are considered in the General Lighting application. LEDs are used in both functional and decorative light fixtures, with an advantage of energy savings. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) delivers visible light with reduced heat. In addition, its solid-state nature provides for greater resistance to shock, vibration, and wear, thereby significantly increasing its lifespan. LED Level Quantified in the Company Study Below, are five levels (or 'food chain') pertaining to the LED marketplace. For the purposes of this Company study, we quantify and provide a market forecast for 'Level 4' Level 1 - The chip or die Level 2 - The LED component (component-level bulb) Level 3 - LED array; may include optics, heat sink and/or power supply Level 4 - Lamp Level 5 - Luminaire (light fixture/lamp holder) This report provides the 2010-2020 market data by the following functions: Consumption Value (US$, million) Quantity (number/units in Millions) Average Selling Prices (ASP US$, each) The value is determined by multiplying the number of units (lamps) by the average selling price (ASP) in US Dollars. The ASPs are not retail prices; the prices are based on the price of the LED lamp at the initial factory level (prior to FOB - Free On Board; therefore, no shipping expenses are included). The value is then based on the end-use application in Australia. This study report also provides an overview of Standards on or related to LED lighting (including general regulations & standards, environmental issues etc.); Policies and schemes for promoting the penetration of LED lighting; Industry trends in LED lighting fixtures; Distribution Channel (retail stores, Web-based, other sales/distribution channels); LED Lighting industry competitive environment; profiles of over 70 LED lamp selected manufacturers and related companies in Australia, as well as over 270 competitors worldwide are provided. The information is presented in easy-to-follow illustrations and text. LED technology overviews, trends and analysis are presented. Terms, acronyms, and abbreviations used are defined. Market Forecast Product Categories This market forecast of Australian consumption is presented for five major lamp-type categories. The lamp categories, in turn, may have multiple sub-categories, which are determined by lamp luminous flux and/or the physical size of the lamp. Note: lower-level products, which are indented in the list shown in Table 1, are summed-up to the higher-level product category stated above it. Place an order today: For more queries please feel free to contact me: +918149852585
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