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Get Competitive Price from LED Panel Light Manufacturers in China

Get Competitive Price from LED Panel Light Manufacturers in China


With the continuing strong worldwide growth in demand for LED panel lights, Chinese LED panel light manufacturers are rushing to meet ever-increasing global requirements.

Why Choose LED Panel Light Manufacturers In China?

Competitive Price

LED panel light manufacturers always provide more competitive LED panel light price than their peers in other countries. How could they do that? Let’s look for some answers from the following aspects:

Firstly, labor cost in China isn't so high as it is in most countries. People in China move from villages to big cities in search of work and they don't ask for much money. And the improvement in productivity of the labour force in China is perhaps greater than every other place due to continued focus on skill development applications for the workforce delivered by their government as well as industry. The higher productivity rather than lower wage structure consequently is among the explanations for the competitive LED panel light price.

Secondly, large scale manufacturing is beneficial. Chinese LED panel light manufacturers produce a large number of lights every day and consistently ensures high output for all manufacturing projects, even if you order a custom design. Due to this, the production cost is lower, and so is the LED panel light price.

Thirdly, the convenient transportation of raw materials/components makes cost down.

Contrary to other nations, China has a very established infrastructure, therefore raw materials/components could be transported from point A to point B in the shortest period and to the minimum cost. Chinese LED panel light manufacturers perform well in regards to transporting raw materials/components or ready-made lights. 

Finally, the fact that China’s LED light industry is massive means that there’s a lot of competition and hence the competitiveness of the LED panel light price.

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Guaranteed Quality

While ensuring low cost and high efficiency, most of Chinese LED light manufacturers never sacrifice quality. They manufacture high-quality LED panel lights by following international quality management standards, such as ISO9001. They implement rigorous quality control from materials/components to finished products. To achieve high lumen efficacy and reliability, they always choose the materials/components of reliable brands. All the light reflector, light guide panel, LEDs, diffuser, and aluminium frame have to undergo strict testings before being put into production. And usually, there is an in-process quality inspection mechanism working effectively during the manufacturing process. Pre-delivery testings including aging testing, temperature testing, heat dissipation testings are also conducted to ensure high performance of the lights.

Besides these two main benefits, Chinese LED panel light manufacturers can bring more to you. On the one hand, there is a wide range of options you can choose from. China has hundreds - if not thousands - of LED light fixture manufacturers. The manufacturers are developing and producing diverse types of LED panel lights and most of them offer customization services too. In addition, China is well-known to rapidly come up with more innovative LED designs and features than other parts of the world. On the other hand, China has sufficient manpower, which means order processing and shipping is faster than in other countries.

Now, the secrets to the good reputation of Chinese manufacturers can be concluded as their competitive LED panel light price, guaranteed quality, diverse choices, and fast delivery. 

How to Choose The Best LED Panel Light Manufacturers in China?

Most Chinese LED panel light manufacturers have won the trust of the international lighting business by providing high-quality products and services. But I have to admit that there are still a few manufacturers trying to deceive customers with inferior products. Furthermore, every business has different requirements and needs to choose the best individually. So, it is necessary to take great care in choosing an LED panel light manufacturer. Here are some tips we provide to help you make a better choice.

1. Knowledge

The LED panel lighting manufacturers you choose should have in-depth expertise in the products they deal with, otherwise, it is with little opportunities for them to perform the job well. They ought to know the specification and parameter of lights, such as the type of LED chips (2835, 3030 or even 5050) and LED driver, which includes isolated, non-isolated along with flicker-free versions, etc. And they should master advanced technology and equipment to manufacture and test LED panel lights.

2. Experience

Possessing the experience means that you know what you are doing and how to get it done professionally and efficiently. If the LED panel light manufacturers have no exporting experience, they have no idea what the requirements in your country and how to deliver to you quickly and safely. It will take them a lot of time to know the ropes and they also have to learn it from the start. This means you're employing a green hand to perform the job and squandering your money and time.



Location may have a direct effect on whether the LED panel light manufacturers can do their jobs well. In China, the industrial clusters are primarily in coastal cities, which are largely from the provinces such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian. And manufacturers in these provinces enjoy industrial resources and convenient transportation. If the manufacturers you select are found in the ideal place, it's more effective and fast for them to organize the daily endeavor for you, for example, mill audit, pre-production review, quality surveillance, dispatch arrangement, etc. This also means a more competitive LED panel light price and more reliable light quality for you.

4. Focus markets

Before you select LED panel lighting manufacturers, please inquire which markets they concentrate, or where would be their customers from. Since different nations have their own distinct cultures, regulations and product certification requirements. Taking the product certification as a sample: CE is essential if you would like to market in European nations, and should you would like to market from the USA, UL or ETL is indispensable. Others such as SAA to the Australian marketplace, BIS to the Indian marketplace, SASO for both Saudi Arabia, etc.

LED panel lights are built with electric parts. The use, installation procedures, and security requirements for these electric parts also differ from nation to nation. The LED panel light manufacturers can quickly get it and prevent unnecessary troubles if they've worked on the marketplace. 

Different markets will also have a distinct taste on the LED panel lights. If you are in the USA or Europe, but the manufacturers' target markets are largely from India or the Middle East, then they aren't your ideal manufacturing partner for your business.

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