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Good lighting is the golden salesperson in the store

Good lighting is the golden salesperson in the store


With the development of economy, especially the rise of E-commerce business, a wide variety of goods is constantly flowing into the market. The light for commerce is not just to "light up" the space; instead, it is expected to build the image of the merchant, create the atmosphere of the store, and reflect the value of the goods so as to promote sales.

The good lighting is an excellent "shopping guide" in the store. It can guide the clients from the door to the store for shopping and even to make a payment. There is no need for too many customer service personnel to guide.

The distribution of lighting can affect the impression of people. If you want to better present the goods and increase the charm of the goods, a good lighting design is indispensable.

For example:

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-1

Like the store on the left, even if there is LV or Armani, I don't want to go in.
In addition to those who are purposeful in shopping, most of the clients choose to walk into a certain store, after taking the following 4 steps:
1.General observation in the corridor;
2.Target screening during walking;
3.Visual impression within a visual space;
4.Personal judgment in a short period of time.
Therefore, the setting and lighting outside the store is particularly important. Good store lighting can attract clients to enter the store. Comfortable lighting in the store can help offer a good shopping experience, and create the opportunity to increase the number of regular clients.
Store lighting is divided into the parts as follows.

1. Window lighting
Window is a key functional area that affects the clients' willingness to enter the store. Window lighting should play a role in strengthening the visual effect, creating the atmosphere, weakening the aisle, enhancing the comparison, and giving people a sense of impact. Therefore, the lighting of the window should be slightly higher than the overall brightness of the store. Lights such as spot light and chandelier can be used to highlight the excellence of the product.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-2

2.Entrance lighting
The entrance is an important area for the store to give the client the first impression. When the client is attracted by the window, they begin to have the intention to enter the store. The entrance should be related to the change of indoor and outdoor brightness. If the difference is too big, the client may find it too diverse and will have less willingness to enter the store.
Therefore, attention should be paid to the natural transition from the external natural light and in-store light regarding the color temperature, and warm colors can be used to create a balanced sense of comfort.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-3

3. Showcase lighting
For some exhibits with strong flatness, rich levels, more details, and great need to clearly show each part, the projection or shadow should be reduced. Diffused lighting or cross lighting can be used to eliminate the disturbance by shadow. Some exhibits may need to highlight the stereo perception and can be lighted using combined side light. The lighting of the showcase should have a good color rendering. Spot lighting should be used in middle and high-end clothing stores, and embedded spot light or rigid light can be used for local lighting.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-4

4. Central lighting
n the central part, the new arrivals in current season are always showcased. The spot light used should not only highlight the details of the clothes on the model, but also enable customers to see other goods clearly. Excellent color rendering of the light source also makes the color of the clothes and other goods more vivid.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-5

When the goods are displayed in an orderly manner, the lighting should be designed to add the sense of order and to guide customers to pay attention.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-6

For the lighting on each product on the showcases and shelves, the distribution of lighting should be balanced as far as possible, so that the display and selection are naturally balanced and the clients can enjoy the comparing and selecting.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-7

For goods with excellent details and rich texture, the shadow should be weakened as much as possible. Diffused lighting or cross lighting that has no clear lighting direction can be used to reduce the disturbance by shadow.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-8

5. Fitting lighting
The lighting setting in the fitting area is often overlooked, because there is no absolute boundary to circle it. So the lighting in the fitting area is usually listed in the basic lighting of the store. Under this, we often find that the lighting in front of the mirror in the fitting area is often insufficient, which affects the clients’ feeling.
It is very important to pay attention to the design of the fitting area. The lighting in the fitting area has the following requirements: it should restore the color well, because the client is here to see the color effect of the clothing; it should make the skin color of the client more beautiful (the light source with low color temperature can be appropriately used to make the color slightly red); the light illumination of the fitting room where there is no fitting mirror can be lower, to create a warm atmosphere; the lighting in front of the fitting mirror should be free from glare.

Leimove-Good Lighting Is The Golden Salesperson In The Store-9

Special tip: you can refer to the lighting design in front of Uniqlo's fitting mirror.
There is much to learn about lighting in the commercial space.Of course, the designshould beprocessed along with lighting, display, consumer psychology and flow of people. Still, the ultimate goal is to promote sales.
Store light is to mobilize customers’ emotions. Good store lighting brings unlimited business opportunities. Catch the eye of consumers and do the design! Let the clients who just wanted to hang out buy a bunch of things under the “Light Guide”.
The lighting design in the commercial space should facilitatethe attraction, interactivity, andpurchase.Different space styles can be matched with different light styles. The  illuminance, brightness, glare, ratio of illumination, color temperature, color rendering index and suchlike indicators of light will all affect the style of the commercial space.

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