High-power LED downlights are also widely used

by:Leimove     2020-03-31
High-power LED downlights usually refer to LED downlights over 50 W. These downlights are usually installed in hotel halls or large venues, indoor gymnasiums or shopping malls. Because these often say that the installation height is more than 6 meters, and the space is large, generally low-power LED downlights cannot meet the demand. So what should we pay attention to in the process of high-power LED Downlight? For the selection of reflector, it is necessary to select an aluminum Luminous Cup with good concentrating effect, and select a reflective cup with a luminous angle of 30 or 45 according to the height. When necessary, lenses should be added. Try to achieve the effect of concentrating. The above three points of high-power LED Downlight are handled by our LED downlight manufacturers very professionally, and with stable LED driving power supply, such high-power LED Downlight has no problem for more than 5 years. In the choice of light source, it is necessary to adopt integrated light source with high light efficiency. We will adopt imported Puri or Corey chips to ensure the light efficiency and light attenuation of lamps used in the future. Although a single patch light source has the advantage of heat dispersion, it is difficult to achieve the effect of optical fiber reflection and concentration. Heat dissipation problem, because the power of LED Downlight is above 50 W, the heat generation is much higher than that of low-power LED downlight. In order to control the working temperature of LED Downlight below 60 ℃, the heat dissipation structure is the most critical issue. As a professional manufacturer of LED downlights, United Huiye adopts vacuum coolant heat dissipation technology, which is the patent of United Huiye. This technology is more than 100 times the heat dissipation effect of ordinary radiators. It is specially applied to high-power LED street lamps, LED mining lamps and high-power LED projection lamps. Raymond professional LED Downlight manufacturer, there are a variety of new models to choose from. Please check our official website for details.
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