Home Decor - Creating a Minimalist Interior

by:Leimove     2020-06-22
Modern architecture is currently going through a minimalist movement which specifies that only essential elements should be present in a living space. Minimal interior decoration as a part of home decor involves matt finish walls preferably in a shade of white, hard floor boards, light furniture, covered cabinets to hide messy belongings, lots of strategic illumination and a clutter free space. How to illuminate a minimalistic living space? The illumination of a minimally designed room must be bright. Large pendant lights, contemporary lamps, LED strips and concealed lights help in illuminating the house intelligently after dark. Slider window having a glass body is the original component of a minimalist Japanese home. Being the foundation ofminimalistic movement thereby paves way for sliders to be included in a room; these windows can naturally flood a living space with light during the daytime. Slider windows can be customised into large floor to ceiling risers with the addition of sashes. Decorating walls and floors of a minimalist home's interior White is a tranquil colour because it completely transforms an area. Not only does this shade absorb negative vibes, but also it gives out a calm and serene feel about a living space. Minimalist interior decor stresses on lowly decorated walls that are preferably painted in a mat emulsion that is white in colour. Incase some other tone is preferred, it is always better to stick to the same shade all over the house. A few large sized paintings on the walls can further accentuate the home's elegance. Flooring of such a space can be done with polished concrete or large white stone tiles. Sometimes contrasting floor and walls look good too. If a wall is white, wood coloured floor boards or flooring tiles bring out a royalty within the minimalist decor. In such a case, large wooden floorboards or wood finish ceramic tiles look great. Furniture for minimalists Reiterating once again that, this kind of architecture involves a tidy, open and airy look. Light furniture preferably with geometrical patterns work well. Wall mounted closets for books and CDs can save a lot of floor space. Forsitting, simple sofa sets and stools work well. Experimentations with cushion covers showcase a hint of the owner's free spirit within a consciously decorated interior. Trying and restricting this experimentation exclusively to cushions is advisable. In a kitchen, clean lines, neat counter, enclosed cabinets and hidden appliances work best. The counter can be strategically lighted with hanging lamps instead of using extravagant chandeliers. A simple four poster bed with light linen and curtains works well for a bedroom. Dark coloured floor rugs and large paintings illuminated with hidden lamps further give this minimally decorated bedroom a touch of magnificence. Thus, sleek furniture, matt walls, slider windows and lots of illumination are the fundamental elements required to achieve a minimalist interior that is at par with modern architecture.
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