Hoping to Grab The Hand of The Led Lighting Capital

by:Leimove     2020-06-22
Hoping to grab the hand of the LED lighting capital of the color TV giants can reproduce the magical Color TV enterprises in cross-border led lighting field implementation industry marriage, whether to wait until the ugly duckling into a swan, white day? This year's color TV industry and the LED lighting industry has been denied 'marriage' action, May 24, the LED industry listed companies adding new army, Shenzhen City Ruifeng (17.750,0.00,0.00%) sub Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Ruifeng power') starting to get through, is the second largest shareholder of the company Konka Group. In less than a month later, came the news of the TCL and the TBB joint venture between the LED device packaging company. Also located in Shenzhen Skyworth layout of the LED industry chain is also well known. 'LED lighting industry in 2009 six ministries issued a document, clearly no longer the 'ugly duckling', has yet to complete the turn to the White Swan.' Industry experts, the case told correspondents. Without experiencing the pain of suffering 'broken up' for the lack of hot spots in the color TV industry, the more urgent the LED lighting, high-margin, a huge market space industry to close at the arm, do make up for the helpless financial statements At the same time, the more critical will be able to get through the middle and lower reaches of the LED industry chain, accumulate strength for rebirth. Perhaps it is the case, the color TV enterprises have vied for the LED lighting industry has made many bold moves. However, after all, color TV enterprises in cross-border implementation of industry marriage to the field of LED lighting, whether it will wait until the ugly duckling into a swan that day? 10 years of piling In fact, in 2000, has become the color TV enterprises to enter the lighting industry, the first year, TCL lighting was formally established in this year, setting off a household electrical appliance enterprises to enter the first wave of the lighting industry boom. In June 2001, Konka, a wholly owned subsidiary, since people have been ignored - Shenzhen Konka Video System Engineering Co., Ltd. was born, in 2003 the company began to get involved in the development and manufacturing of LED display. Later, Skyworth has also set up a wholly owned subsidiary - Shenzhen Skyworth LIGHTING CO., LTD. However, although three also located in Shenzhen, color TV enterprises to LED lighting has taken the pace early, but it does not seem to because they have too much to cultivate more In order to better operate and support the main color TV industry The layout of the Fengyun pieces. However, noteworthy is that in April 2008, Skyworth quietly won LGD Guangzhou LCD module factory shares at a lower cost, and quickly built up a whole production line of the LCD module integration. The same year, the Konka LED backlight design and production lines will spread the message of the foundation in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, promoting the layout of LED upstream. What was surprising was a paper text of the six ministries stirred the LED lighting industry, but also stirred the hearts of the person in charge of the color TV enterprises. September 22, 2009, six ministries issued a 2441 document, the Development and Reform Commission of Environmental and Resources [2009] The semiconductor lighting energy industry views '(hereinafter referred to as' views '). 'Opinions' that will focus on the specific areas of the field of ordinary indoor lighting, car parks, tunnels, roads, automotive lighting, as well as health care, agriculture development and the promotion of LED products and improve service system. More critical is the Ministry of Science and Technology will be 'National Semiconductor Lighting Project' included in the 'Eleventh Five-Year' development plan, and approved the establishment of the 5 LED industrial base in Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen. Skyworth, TCL, Konka headquarters in Shenzhen. In the LED lighting industry loose positive environment, color TV industry is increasingly meager profit margins, down forcing the color TV business has gone from being indifferent to face up to and then to attach importance to the LED lighting industry in the process. In March this year, Skyworth shares of the LG D, 8.5-generation LCD panel production line in Guangzhou in order to integrate upstream and downstream industry chain and, more importantly, has always been sound and dare to the Skyworth quietly action has been recently achieved with wafer, Delta Guangzhou Zengcheng investment the foundation of the $ 600 million LED chip wafer base. The tree may prefer calm while the wind blows, perhaps at this time smiling Konka. On May 24 this year, the Shenzhen City Ruifeng Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the year and a half before the end of 2009, Konka Group was introduced as the second largest shareholder holding 25.87% equity in the company to be listed. Ruifeng power after the successful listing of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, according to the first day closing price, the Konka Group holds Ruifeng power market capitalization of nearly $ 400 million in July. In 2010, Konka has invested $ 22.5 million shares of LED upstream Yingrui Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., 36% of the shares in holds Yingrui photoelectric. It is understood that Yingrui photovoltaic project total investment of about $ 2.7 billion, the project will cover the LED industry, the middle reaches of the key link in its design, the coverage of R & D and manufacture of manufacturing sapphire, the substrate material, epitaxial wafers, LED chips packaging and testing, the product will be used for LCD TV backlight and general lighting field. However, in June this year, the TCL Group (2.26,0.00,0.00%) and Taiwan listed companies in Hong Qi Technology Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary Harvatek Limited signed a joint venture contract, they intend to set up a Sino-foreign joint venture company in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province engaged in light-emitting diode (LED) device packaging products R & D, manufacturing, sales and other business. Undoubtedly, the continuous high temperature of the LED lighting industry coupled with a fire. The hands of capital 'At this point in 2000, TV companies are investing heavily in the once-humble LED lighting industry, have taken a combination of self-built company with capital operation, a strong evidence of a guess, that is not only beneficial to the industry map, but also to some extent, to avoid capital flight, so that the main business of the color TV enterprises to become more powerful. 'insiders told reporters on condition of anonymity. Only from the two holiday weeks of sales statistics, LED TV era has indeed arrived. According to the PRC, (CMM), monitoring data shows that 2011 New Year's week sales of LED TV an increase of 909.4 percent, accounting for 51.8% of the volume share of LCD TV Spring Festival week sales of LED TV an increase of 489.3%, accounting for the share of LCD TV volume 47.6% According to the PRC, pushing the total data shows, is expected in 2011 LED TV will be the rapid growth of retail is about 19.97 million units. Konka at the end of 2009, investment in lower-cost Gong Weibin RuiFeng power, to achieve powerful combination through their respective strengths in the different nodes of the industrial chain. The main business of the Ruifeng power LED packaging technology R & D and LED packaging, product manufacturing, sales, SMD-LED market segment is one of the top three manufacturers. Net profit increased from 17.38 million yuan in 2008 to 43.99 million yuan in 2010. As the second largest shareholder in the company, in three days before the Ruifeng electricity disclosure prospectus in China Securities Regulatory Commission website, Konka A (3.66,0.00,0.00%) shares have jumped 7.9 percent, the same day appliance plate by the parties funds lift. Analysis of the industry, or for Konka to bring a larger income is much higher than the main business - the TV business. Which is also owned by the LED lighting industry for the color TV enterprises involved in the implementation of a typical case of capital operation. Ruifeng photoelectric chairman and general manager Gong Weibin later told reporters, 'TV providers under a single to Ruifeng risk. A chip problem, may be short on the dark, the TV may also can not read. the event of problems on the two billion of assets, how do I lose? ' However, by Konka outstretched capital hands, Ruifeng power to achieve a magnificent turn, 'We are now considered a medium-sized enterprises, market value, to protect more fully, but also allow the TV to be assured Gong Weibin added. Perhaps the bigger winner is Konka. The Konka Group's gains on the LED lighting industry, not only is quite rich capital of the mills, there are also a real extension of the LED industry chain. 'Not only can guarantee the stable supply of the LED device can also ensure that Konka LED TV technology, the first time to keep up with Samsung and other manufacturers at the forefront of technology. Konka's new ideas on the LED TV, you can also Ruifeng to achieve through the joint development, may also do technology leader in LED TV, the home appliance industry observers Liangzhen Peng told reporters. To the construction period from Pathfinder Konka video the Kunshan module base, then the strategic investment Ruifeng power and Yingrui photoelectric. Industry experts, in this fast-growing LED era, Konka way of vertical integration has been the first to complete the LED epitaxial wafers to chip from the package to the module, from the outdoor display to the LCD TV, LED industry chain construct. Similar Konka, Skyworth, TCL set up a wholly owned subsidiary and self-built production base at the same time, through equity participation or joint venture, to achieve the purpose of direct control over the upper reaches of the LED industry chain. Investment Advisor in the Research Director Zhang Yan Lin told reporters that the leading LED packaging companies in order to achieve efficient development, we must use the capital market on mergers and acquisitions, horizontal and downward vertical integration. LED Engineering Research Institute director Xiao-Fei Zhang also expressed similar views. This further confirms the process of the color TV enterprises have recently in the hands of capital to boost the LED lighting industry transformation from ugly duckling into a white swan.
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