How LED Grow Light Works For Photosynthesis

by:Leimove     2020-06-22
Being familiar with LED grow light can be a turning point for every homeowner. I'm sure that many of us have very little knowledge about how LED can be valuable for raising an indoor hydroponic garden. We assumed that plants are only able to grow in soil and sunlight. Maybe, that was what we had been taught as a kid to believe. But since we have grown, it got to a point that we became aware of soilless gardening. There are growers today that have found LED grow light much more practical because it gives them the cabability to control the intensity of light. The Difference Between Natural Light and Artificial Light Light is seen in plain white color with the human eye. But in fact, it's a fusion of rainbow colors and some of them don't help with plant growth. The pigments in plants will only absorb several colors and reflect the others. Chlorophyll, the pigment that is used during the process of photosynthesis, will only absorb violet, blue and red spectrums and the green spectrums will be reflected, in which became the plants' natural color. For indoor hydroponic gardens, photosynthesis can still take place by making use of LED grow light. The difference with this method is the limitation of colors being emitted - with red and blue spectrums and the intensity can be controlled. Sunlight is out of the picture yet the plants can still get the right amount of light. Compared with the sun, LED grow light can eliminate nighttime hours and can supply energy to plants even during non-sunny days. Of course, the response to different spectrums and intensity may vary from every plant. Less light can delay plant growth while more light can speed it up. Painting the grow room in white can increase plant growth up to 80%. However, although you can leave the light on 24 hours a day, you need to let your plants rest for about 4 hrs in the dark. Getting Started If you need additional information, you should spend some time to investigate about LED grow lights. There's a range of products to choose from and there's some other lighting systems available as well. There are prefabricated ones or you can build a lighting system on your own. This can influence on decision making and you'll find the situation challenging without drawing a plan. So assess your needs first as the appropriate type of LED grow light will vary on the size of your garden, the growing environment, what you wish to plant and your budget. Not forgetting the skills you've got. Perhaps you have to do some more reading or must consult a professional. Good luck, slow down and take some notes. In the long run, I am sure your knowledge about LED and grow lights will broaden. You will finally understand why homeowners are utilising this method to grow plants.
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