How much can LED lights save?

by:Leimove     2020-03-28
In the present era, every young person living in the city is facing great pressure. In daily life, resources that should not be wasted can be saved through small habits. there any effective cost saving method? Do not surf the Internet, do not watch TV, unplug the refrigerator, stop using air conditioners, etc . . . . . . No, these are sacrificing the quality of life. In fact, in life, the details of turning off the lights can save a lot of money. Technology has changed life. In recent years, with the emergence of LED bulbs, new light sources that save electricity and reduce carbon, and are mercury-free and environmentally friendly have begun to receive much attention. Incandescent lamps emit light by heating filaments, while LED bulbs, as a new type of light source, can use light emitting diodes to directly convert electric energy into light energy, which consumes less electricity under the condition of generating the same brightness. LED bulbs of well-known brands such as Osram, Philips and United Huiye only consume 70% of the power of energy-saving lamps, and they are also the 15% of traditional incandescent lamps. Take the all-round 3wLED bulb of United Huiye as an example. It can save nearly 35 yuan of electricity bill a year, and save 520 yuan in the life of 15 years. If the whole family has 10 lamps, it can save 350 yuan. High-power is more energy-saving, usually the family can use such as LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED panel lamp, LED ceiling lamp, etc. , usually use power is 3- Between 18 W, let's think about how much electricity to save.
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