How to buy LED bulbs to achieve satisfactory results?

by:Leimove     2020-03-28
When selecting led bulbs, we mainly pay attention to the following details: 1. The size of the space you installed, if it is used for main lighting, the effect will be better if it is larger than 5 watts. With regard to the current technology, led bulbs below 5w are not recommended for places with important local lighting such as bedside lamps and table lamps. Those below 5w can only be used as non-main lights such as corridor corridors, night lights, or decorative lighting. 2. WATTAGE: at present, 3W led bulbs are commonly used to replace conventional 8W energy-saving lamps, 5W led bulbs can replace 12W energy-saving lamps, and 9W led bulbs can replace 25W energy-saving lamps, 12WLED bulbs can replace energy-saving lamps 30 W, 15W led bulbs can replace energy-saving lamps 40 W, 18WLED bulbs can replace energy-saving lamps 50 W, and so on, LED bulbs can be equivalent to 36% of ordinary bulbs in terms of energy saving, that is, they can save 64% energy. 3. Lumen value (lm) Simply put, dividing by the number of lamp beads is the lumen value of a single lamp bead. The higher the value, the more energy-saving, but in a reasonable configuration, that is to say, the current A chip bears is required. If the current given is too large, the LED chip cannot bear it, which will cause a dead light. 4. Heat dissipation design: The Led driving power supply will generate heat and directly affect the service life of lamps and lanterns. The previous generation of led bulbs generally adopted the heat dissipation design of aluminum shell, which is bulky and wastes resources, the new LED bulb is made of stamped aluminum sheet, which is more fashionable and lighter. At present, Raymond has developed a heat sink with ceramic structure, which can dissipate heat efficiently and make the LED bulb achieve the best brightness. 5. Chip quality, for the time being, the mainstream brands in Europe, America and Japan are the best, the most expensive, followed by Korea and Taiwan, and the mainland. Chip quality has a direct impact on the price and quality of lamps. Raymond's chips are routinely used in Taiwan's Sanan or wafer, and the outdoor series uses American CREE or puri chips. 6. Visual inspection of the manufacturing process, whether the surface is smooth, the edge is free of burrs, and whether the joint is compact. 7. When purchasing LED lamps, attention should be paid to the comprehensive consideration of the above factors. At the same time, attention should be paid to the influence of the overall design, heat dissipation scheme, power supply quality and other comprehensive factors on the life of LED lamps. A price is divided into goods. There is a vicious competition in the market. It is recommended that customers should not only look at the price. They should consider comprehensively and buy a product with the highest cost performance. At the very least, the quality should be guaranteed.
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