How to choose LED downlights?

by:Leimove     2020-04-04
LED Downlight is a series of products commonly used in interior decoration. Raymond's LED Downlight products are fashionable and stable, and are your trustworthy LED Downlight products. We measure the quality of LED downlights from the following aspects. First of all, look at the material of the LED lamp and see if the appearance of the lamp shell and power supply has texture. At present, many raw materials on the market are second-hand recycled materials, such as plastic parts of the power supply shell, whether the aluminum material of the downlight shell and radiator is primary aluminum or recycled recycled aluminum, the heat dissipation and thermal conductivity of the primary aluminum will be much better, and the recycled aluminum is refined after the recycled material melts and mixed with many toxic impurities. Secondly, look at the power supply and lamp bead used in LED Downlight, LED lamp bead chip and packaging process. LED chip directly affects luminous efficiency, and LED packaging process directly affects the stability and service life of lamp bead. LED power supply is also one of the core components. Its quality is mainly the process of converting 220V high voltage into 12v low voltage, providing stable voltage and current for LED Downlight source, if the voltage is stable, it will not impact the lamp bead, and if the current is stable, the lamp bead will not flicker. The stroboscopic we usually talk about is mainly the capacitor, the core component of the power supply, plays a decisive role. Furthermore, it is the environment in which LED downlights are installed. LED downlights can be installed under outdoor eaves, most of which are installed indoors. If installed under outdoor eaves, the requirements of waterproof, moisture-proof and brightness should be considered. If installed indoors, the main consideration is how high the lights are from the ground, how to arrange them, and the brightness can achieve the desired effect. Shenzhen United Huiye is a professional LED Downlight manufacturer with the best performance and the best price!
Anyone who has seen the latest lighting solutions led light solution in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
We humbly ask you to use led light solution and we guarantee that you would be in a great delight with using the product.
Zhongshan Leimove Lighting and Electrical Co.,Ltd. provides innovative technology and prompts our customers to know the development of our producing led light solution.
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