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How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp for Your Bedroom

How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp for Your Bedroom


The mood of the entire bedroom can be changed if you have a gooseneck LED desk lamp by the side of your bed. So, to decorate the tables beside your bed you should choose the best LED desk lamps so that they can convey your feelings to your bedroom partner. Your choice for the best lamp for your bedroom depends mainly on your liking as well as the décor of your bedroom. Your need for light can also help in deciding the lamp you want to install in your bedroom, whether it is for reading something during bedtime or to match the furniture in it. Some of the factors that can help you in deciding for the lamp for your bedroom are provided in this write-up for your convenience. 

Purpose of the lamp: You can ask a few questions from yourself about the purpose for which you want to install these lams in your bedroom. It can be for reading your favorite books or to match your style and personality. You will have to choose different types of lamps for your bedroom for different purposes like for making the dark corners look bright, creating a romantic mood in the bedroom, or to create a soothing light by using lampshades etc. You can choose the best LED desk lamp for brightening the shadowed portions or a gooseneck LED desk lamp for getting light from the right direction while reading something. Similarly, you can choose a large lamp if you want to use it as the main source of light in your bedroom. If you want to avoid using high wattage lamps then you can go for floor lamps. You can choose designer lamps if you simply want to decorate your bedroom. 

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Location of the lamp: The second thing to be considered while choosing lamps for your bedroom is where you will like to place them. While deciding the location of the lamps in your bedroom you should also ensure the availability of the power outlet close to that location. It will not be advisable to stretch the cord across the room. Moreover, you should choose the lamp according to the space available in your bedroom. 

Style and type of the desk lamp: While choosing the best LED desk lamp for your bedroom you should also keep in mind the style of your bedroom as Tiffany-style traditional lamps can be suitable for a sleek and modern bedroom. You can also consider the material and looks of your furniture to match the gooseneck LED desk lamp to its style and type. If you want some extra space on the bedside table for your cups, books, reading glasses and clocks then you can choose metal lamps with a narrow base. Similarly, if you want to enlighten the entire room then a wide lamp with multiple bulbs can be the right choice for your bedroom. The sturdiness and durability of a lamp depend upon the materials used in it like metal lamps can be more durable and sturdier than wooden or glass lamps. 


Color of the lamp: The color of the lamp you choose should also match the décor of your bedroom. If the furniture in your bedroom is made of stained or dark-colored wood then a dark-colored lamp can be the best lamp for it. However, you can choose a lamp of contrast colors if the color of your bedroom furniture is white. Similarly, if the materials of the bedroom furniture match to the structure of the lamp then both of them will complement each other. 

Shades of the lamp: In order to choose the best LED desk lamp for your bedroom you should also focus on their shades as every shade can give different effects to the environment. A gooseneck led desk lamp with a glass shade will provide you a bright light below it as well a glow above the lamp. You can get a brighter area above the table on your bedside and fewer shadows if the lampshade has a wide opening on its top. Similarly, the light in your bedroom can also be affected by the color and material of the shades used on your bedside lamps. The light will be focused below and above the lamp, if its shade is of dark color. If you want to give a romantic feel to your bedroom then you can choose a cream-colored shade for your bedroom lamps. 

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Style of the bedroom: While choosing lamps for your bedroom you should also keep its style in your mind. You can find bedroom lamps of different styles including decorative, Victorian, country styles or rustic etc. in the market. You can choose decorative lamps if the interior of your bedroom is of contemporary style but metal lamps can be the right choice for Victorian-style bedroom or wooden lamp for a bedroom with rustic and country style furniture. 

The brightness of light: The effect of lighting in your bedroom can depend upon the brightness of light provided by the lamps used in it. You can get a brighter light by using various types of bulbs if you are using the right type of shades on them. If you want soft white light in your bedroom then choosing the lamps with fluorescent bulbs can be the right choice for you. Moreover, you can also check the specifications, and lumen ratings of the bulb while choosing them for your bedroom lamps. 

Test the lamps before buying them: You can buy the best LED desk lamp for your bedroom if you test the brightness and direction of light before making a final decision to buy them. It will help you in deciding whether you want a shorter lamp for your bedroom or a taller one so that you can get enough light to walk in your room at night or read your favorite books in your bed. Moreover, it should be easier to operate the bedside lamp when you do not want to come out of your bed to switch it off or on. 

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can buy the best gooseneck LED desk lamps for your bedroom. 

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