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How to Choose The Best LED Tube Lights for Home

How to Choose The Best LED Tube Lights for Home


Compared to traditional lights, LED tube lights keep going longer, are more efficient and more than five times more proficient...Now, LED tube lights form an important part in the lighting system of our homes. More and more families prefer utilizing LED tube lights for energy and cost savings. However, choosing the right kind of LED tube lights for home, for each room, can be quite a challenge. Since every room has different brightness needs, it is necessary to know what the brightness of LED tube lights for home is and to pick the best LED tube light with appropriate brightness for every individual room in your home.

For a long time, many people determined the brightness of a light bulb by its power. For example, a 100-watt bulb would naturally be brighter than a 40-watt bulb. This method may work for incandescent lamps. However, with the development of LED technology, LEDs consume less power when providing the same light as incandescent bulbs. In this case, the wattage does not necessarily indicate how bright the bulb is. Now, we use lumens to measure the brightness of a light, which is more accurate and reliable.

Are you thinking to replace the lights in your home with LED tube lights? Here are six tips that can help you select the most suitable lights for different parts in your home.

The Best LED Tube Light for Living Room

The living room is a popular place to accommodate guests, entertain or simply relax. Whether you are watching a movie or chatting with a friend, you need a comfortable atmosphere. It is feasible to mix a variety of LED tube lights for home to suit every situation. In addition, the lights should not be too bright to make you feel dizzy or too dark to make you fell asleep. In this case, an adjustable LED tube light can be called as the best LED tube light. You can change the light brightness for different occasions. The suggested total brightness is 1,500 to 3,000 lumens.

The Best LED Tube Light for Dining Room

The dining room is a place where people come together to eat scrumptious meals and share conversations. The lighting atmosphere usually affects people's mood and appetite. So the lighting choice for dining rooms is especially important. When we eat with family or guests, we don't want the lighting to be too bright and glaring, and we also don't like the dark lighting that makes us sleepy. It is better to create a soft or neutral atmosphere. In this case, dimmable LED tube lights can be the best LED tube lights for home. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they can be adjusted to provide perfect brightness. The suggested total brightness level is 3,000 to 6,000 lumens.


The Best LED Tube Light for Kitchen

The kitchen is, in essence, a workspace. Many of us start our mornings in the kitchen. Installing some bright LED tube lights in the kitchen can instantly wake us up. And bright lights can make people feel better. It is like a kind of comfort or encouragement given to the person who is working in the kitchen. So the lights in this space should be lively and bright. The suggested total brightness level is 4,000 to 8,000 lumens.

The Best LED Tube Light for Bedroom

In our bedroom, most of us want to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. It is best to avoid the use of blue bright lights that produce serotonin and provide us with energy. To create a calm and relaxed atmosphere, you'd better use dimming lights and avoid installing extreme white LED tubes lights. Here, the best LED tube light is the dim yellow light, because it will help you fall asleep quicker. The suggested total brightness level is 1,500 to 4,000 lumens.

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The Best LED Tube Light for Bathroom

Before we go to school or work, most of us get ready by looking in the bathroom mirror. Ideally, we want the lighting to come from around the mirror rather than on the ceiling. You can use bright lights in your bathroom, as that will help you look at yourself in the mirror clearly. In this way, you will not miss a spot shaving or mess up our makeup. A beautiful bright LED tube light over the bathroom mirror will work just fine. You can also install an adjustable dimmer light here to create an elegant environment setting, when guest around. The suggested total brightness level is 4,000 to 8,000 lumens.

The Best LED Tube Light for Home Office

When lighting a home office, we all want to make sure the light maximizes our productivity in the space we provide. Putting cool white light in an office that mimics daylight will increase the production of serotonin, allowing you to be concentrated, alert and energetic. Be sure to choose a place that will not create unwanted glare on your computer screen. The suggested total brightness level is 3,000 to 6,000 lumens.

These are six useful tips that will guide you to choose the best LED tube lights for home. The right lighting can make a difference in your home atmosphere. You can easily access the retail store or purchase lights online as needed. Explore and experiment with a variety of lights to create a comfortable environment inside your home. You will be amazed at how the best LED tube light can have such a huge impact on your home environment building.

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