How to Fix My PS3 Blinking Red Light Problem

by:Leimove     2020-06-20
Got the PS3 blinking red light? Looking for a way to get it fixed? There are 2 ways to get the problem solved. You either send your Playstation 3 over to Sony, or you will actually fix the troubleshooter by yourself with the help that you'll get from a repair guide. But before we'll have a talk about that, let me give you some tips that might help you to get rid of the error. Alright, here are just a few simple tips that might fix the PS3 blinking red light. 1) Put off your Playstation 3, and put it back on. 2) Check for a loose cable. 3) Plug out all the cables except the power cord, and plug them back in. 4) Take out the hard drive, and put it back in. Repeat this 4 times. Didn't the tips fix the PS3 blinking red light problem? Too bad... Let's talk about the options then! Fix My PS3 Blinking Red Light Problem By Sony? This option will get your Playstation 3 fixed, but it also comes with a price tag. When you do this, you will have to pay Sony $150 for the repairs. This is only necessary if your warranty is expired. But that's not the only downside! You also have to wait for weeks before you can get your console back. You'll have to wait at least for 2 weeks, and this could go up easily to 1 month or even longer than that! Fix My PS3 Blinking Red Light Problem By Myself? How To Do This? If you want a cheap and a quick Ps3 blinking red light problem fix? Then this is definitely the best option for you! Sure, you might think that this is impossible... Right? Well, it's not! This is because when you do this, you will use a Playstation 3 repair guide. You'll get help from the exclusive step by step instructions that this manual will give you. When you do this, you won't have to pay $150 for the repairs. You only have to spend a couple of bucks on the Playstation 3 repair guide. Also, there are no waiting times involved. You will be able to fix your Ps3 blinking red lights problem within literally 1 day. Heck, you could even do it within 1 hour... Don't believe me? Thought so... There's no need to wait for weeks to get your console back, and there's no need to pay $150 for the repairs either. As long as you do it yourself, you'll be able to fix the problem cheap and fast. You could be playing your favourite games again, today! Want to play games again today? Visit: PS3 Red Light Also, check out: PS3 Red Light
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