How to LED Energy Conservation Subsidies to The

by:Leimove     2020-06-19
China led flood lights industry development has, national and local levels Government on this a Sunrise support efforts is large publishing semiconductor lighting energy saving industry development views under; launched 'ten City million light' semiconductor lighting application model city programme; in land, and tax, and technology development, and talent introduced, and device purchase, many area on LED industry implementation sharply offers policy, time, around scramble to established LED industry base, LED Enterprise sprouted. Policy stimulus has blue led strip the industry's enthusiasm, promoted the extension LED to the upstream industry chain enterprises in China, businesses buying equipment, shop capacity is very large, but due to insufficient technical supporting and downstream industries market support, LED industry soon appeared the overcapacity in the upper reaches. Above, the industry that led panel energy conservation subsidies policy should effectively promote the industrial development of bottom up, it should introduce a Terminal application product subsidies and incentives. LED industry with its environmental protection and energy saving, wide application market characteristics are extremely bright future, but because of the existing technology is not yet mature, low public awareness rate, higher production cost disadvantages, Government support and subsidies must be introduced. There was an urgent need to develop the Terminal application products market of LED lighting industry, but because of its price and the incandescent and one is very different from energy-saving lamps, if, like household appliances energy conservation subsidies, subsidies direct market retail Terminal, prices fell down, little promotion to marketing, conversely, if subsidies are more staggering amount spent would be beyond imagination. LED energy conservation subsidies into affordable housing, will have 'their' better effect. It is learnt that the 2012 build 7 million affordable housing units throughout the country, if the use of LED lighting, coupled with the community landscape, street lighting as well as lighting, will have a size of more than 2 billion. Such benefits are several points: 1. is the amount is not too much, cause financial burden, and not too little, reduce market confidence. 2. by improving access, promote the development of LED lighting industry, technology, quality of enterprise growth, and further pressure to ease the shortage of capital, increasing inventory. III. visibility is an extension of LED products in the market, and make you aware of its excellent properties. 3. is to ensure the sound development of existing markets, environmental protection and energy saving pursuit and have the economic strength to continue to buy, wait wait-and-see market maturity continues to look forward to, basically no hope to be able to enjoy without economic power light LED technology.
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