How to Make LED Light Emitting Efficiency of 230 Percent

by:Leimove     2020-06-19
Traditional light bulbs consume electric energy much more often than it emits light, because when led panel light emitting electrical energy into light energy, some of the light energy into heat energy, but MIT (MIT), a research team recently announced that they have developed a new LED light-emitting device, making its light bulbs produce light energy much higher than consumption of electricity. Incandescent lamps are typical representatives of the low efficiency of energy conversion devices, usually after power up, heating the filament, not only light but also produce a lot of heat, and even traditional led outdoor lighting will produce some more or less heat loss, but did not reach the 100% energy conversion. MIT experts claim that LED luminous efficiency can reach 230% Massachusetts Institute of technology according to a research team in improving the environment under the conditions of temperature, if significantly lower power could bring led strip lights 12v a 'free' energy, according to the formula: electric power proportional to the square of the voltage; optical output power proportional to voltage, so halve the applied voltage, electrical power was reduced to one-fourth. Due to the optical output power and voltage linear relation, it will only reduce by half, in other words the voltage lower, output declined far less power, so that LED efficiency is significantly mentioned. When the applied voltage is extremely weak, and power even more than the 100%. Experiment, researchers used 30 watts of electrical power produced 69 Watts of output power, conversion rates up to 230%. Most scholars will focus on how to get the power to the greatest extent possible conversion into a different light, MIT academics make full use of the entropy changes caused by weak heat of the Atomic lattice vibration of the device and make it output power is greater than the input power. The luminous LED temperature reduction of the process can be weak, like a thermo-electric cooler, although the device also does not make it completely down to room temperature, but can use its designed to only light not heat light. Companies with strong research and development, based on the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, with basic research and market study 2 research centers. All projects proceed around the real needs of the market and development trend of research and development, adhere to the basic research and scientific and technological achievements into productivity effects associated with, in refined products and services to market, helping users achieve their energy-saving environmental protection goals.
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