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How to use lighting design to attract customers?

How to use lighting design to attract customers?


In the busy modern life, the way to enjoy food is not just cooking at home; more and more people choose to eat in the restaurant. At this moment, it is very important to provide a restaurant with comfortable and pleasant service!Here we are not to be a food expert to recommend local food to you. Many people say that eating is not only focused on delicious food, but also concentrated on the environment around. During this, the lights are great contributors. 

Relationship between restaurant and lighting

First of all, let’s talk about the relationship between the restaurant and the lighting: the lights of different color temperatures will create different eating environments and will make differences in the indoor atmosphere.

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A good lighting environment can show the unique nature and taste of the restaurant, and the carefully designed lighting effect highlights the quality of food, thus improving the appetite of customers. This is why the lighting design of the restaurant directly affects the business.

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What's the difference between a commercial restaurant and a dining room at home? The reason is that they are different in nature. The dining room at home is just for the comfort of eating, with a focus just on the light of the table. 

By contrast, the value of the commercial restaurant lies in providing food and services. How can lighting help restaurants realize their value better?  Let's take a look at the layout of the restaurant. 

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1. Entrance

2. Dining lobby

3. Booths/ private rooms

4. Seats by the window

5. Open kitchen

1. Entrance

The lighting at the entrance of the restaurant needs to be attractive to consumers. So, don't be too ordinary. You must use light different from the environment which can be particularly bright, or use color, to attract the attention of passers.

Sign for entrance

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At the same time, use the spotlights to illuminate the restaurant's brand/ logo so as to increase the presence of the brand/logo. Besides, add a down light or spotlight to illuminate the ground. It is not necessarily to light up the ground, but to make the light at the entrance to be layered, so as to compare it with the light on the signboard and to have thebusiness brand clearly recognized.

2. Dining lobby

When you walk into the restaurant, you can see people eating in the lobby. Here the dishes on the table should be bright, which means that there must be lighting on the table. The overall style can be diversified: e.g. light up the table with narrow beam angles.

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Make a reflection through a narrow beam to the table to achieve the purpose of illuminating the faces. Have fewer lights and even no lights in other places. Such an environment is stylish.

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▲ "Glad to meet you" restaurant by Han Han

The eyes may be prone to fatigue when the contrast between light and dark in the restaurant is too high. But this is also a small business skill that can improve the turnover rate. Also, using lamps with large beam angles to provide uniform ambient light for the whole space is another way. 

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Or use indirect lighting to emit soft ambient light by lighting the lamp slot on the ceiling.

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Both methods can reduce the overall contrast, and the whole space will be relatively bright, which is warmer and sweeter and is suitable for the daily dining of the public. Of course, it is also a good way to do both.

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The narrow beam is for the lighting of the table, whilethe wide beam and lamp slot are for auxiliary lighting. This reduces the contrast between the bright and the dark, so that the whole space looks more layered and rhythmicand people also feel happy sitting in the restaurant. If you add a dimming device, you can adjust the lighting to fit the restaurant atmosphere at the right time.

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▲Design of KAY Japanese restaurant

3. Booths/private rooms   

The booths and private rooms are relatively small, and the privacy is relatively strong. When it comes to the design which is expected to solve the problem of privacy, the lights are very important. 

The restaurant usually presses the light to a lower position, say the height of people getting along or eating. This can improve the privacy of the room.

It is the blue wave shaped sky of the hall that attracts most attention.The ceiling, a result of the form-finding based on the simulation of gravity using computer digital technology, is composed of 90 long and short ribbons. Such romantic soft lines of childhood cut sunshine out for sparkling light.

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But if this is the case, the surrounding environment will have a relatively large contrast with the functional light on the table. Under this, spotlights can be used to brighten the decoration on the side of the wall, and the reflected light can provide a more uniform ambient light to the overall space.

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There are also restaurants that will set up shaped lights in the room, and at the same time separate the lights from the shape. The spotlights will light up the table and the background wall or the surrounding walls for decoration, thus providing diffuse ambient light for the whole space and creating an elegant and high-end atmosphere for the room. This is a typical case.

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4. Seats by window

Regarding the seats by window, it is more important for restaurants to get outdoors seen than to be seen indoors. This is because this involves the image of the restaurant and it can even attract guests more directly.

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This allows the seats by window in the restaurant to be located in the same position as the advertising window of the retail stores. Therefore, in addition to the functional light, it is also necessary to take into account the interior design of the lamp, the interior object displayed and other factors to create animagery of the restaurant. This is a very important link. Does you feel that it is very different from the previous space?

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▲ KFC drive-through restaurant

The lighting at the window can still be provided by spotlights, along with some interior or styling lamps for lighting. The lighting provided by these lamps for the overall space may be limited, but their role is to assist in the interpretation of the street window to create a living billboard.

5. Open kitchen

The purpose of the open kitchen is to let the guests in the dining lobby see the inside of the kitchen, so it is necessary to keep consistent light color between the kitchen and the outside dining lobby OR to keep an extension from the dining lobby to the kitchen. In addition, remember to avoid abruptlighting, whether in terms of color temperature or illumination.For example, when the kitchen is brighter than the hall, it can easily lead to the guests'attention to the kitchen from the delicious food on the table.

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In addition to the various skills of lighting, the lighting structure of the restaurant also needs attention. The light source of the lamp in the restaurant should carry excellent color rendering, so that the food can lookmore delicious. The selection of different color temperature according to the food features to match the style of the restaurant will create a comfortable environment.For example, Sichuan hot pot is hot and spicy, and lamps of relatively low color temperature can be used to highlight the feeling of enthusiasm; in Japanese sushi store, the lamps of relatively high color temperature can be used. 

Therefore, it is necessary to first understand the positioning of the business and the style of the restaurant, then to determine the relevant lighting, lighting style and overall lighting color temperature. Of course, not only the environment of the restaurantbut also the delicious food of the restaurant is an important factor to attract guests.

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