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How to use lights to create warm and comfortable home?

How to use lights to create warm and comfortable home?


In the past, the light was only a tool for lighting and was expected to be light-transparent. Now, it is not only a light, but a décor. It is no exaggeration to say that the light is the soul of the interior soft outfit design.
The warm and comfortable home space is definitely dependent on the design and layout of lights. The lights should be integrated with the interior outfit as a whole with their elegant shapes, colors, patterns and artistic effect. The reasonable arrangement of light positions and light selections can create a warmer home space. Therefore, the lights should be scientifically selected to the function of the room.

Leimove-How To Use Lights To Create Warm And Comfortable Home

It is the design of hallway that has direct impact on the whole house decoration. Be careful about it! In general, there is no natural lighting through the hallway; hence, there should be enough artificial lighting to improve the day lighting. Both warm and cold lights can be used: the warm-toned is to make warmth and the cold to be refreshing. Stylish wall lights can be either decoration or illumination.

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Living room
The living room has the functions of family chatting, watching TV, playing games, and meeting guests. It requires lights to create a warm atmosphere. Usually, the main lighting and auxiliary lighting are used to interact with each other: by adjusting the brightness and light-spot, the interior atmosphere will be improved; but be sure to maintain the harmony of the overall style.
At present, the light sources on the market that can be adjusted for brightness mainly include ordinary incandescent light, dimmable LED bulbs/ strip light. They, with dimming switches, can be adjusted to the appropriate brightness at different moments. The bright, grand ceiling light should be the first choice.

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The bedroom is the most important space for rest and privacy. Of course, it should be soft, comfortable and quiet. The light with low illumination and low color temperature can facilitate the sleep; but it can't be too dark which may bring a sense of depression.
People in the bedroom looking an upward or oblique way most of the time. It is not good to use ceiling light which gets the lighting concentrated and results in dazzling lighting. Such strong light will have an irreversible effect on eyesight. Replace the ceiling light with the trough light, so that the lighting is softer and no lighting is exposed outside. Moreover, the trough light is bright enough to achieve the general lighting function in the bedroom.

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Dining room
The lighting has a subtle connection with human taste and psychology, so it is especially important to select the light in the dining room. In the dining room, most of the activities are around the table. That is to say, a chandelier or a group of chandeliers over the tableis enough. Under this, warm, comfortable, and bright lighting that matches the table and chairs is a good choice. It helps build a visible harmony and increase the appetite of the family.
Therefore, the center of gravity of the light should be lowered, and the chandelier should be about 650mm over the table.

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The kitchen is a very important space for Chinese people. The particularity of the kitchen is a determiner for the lighting to be more practical.
The basic lighting of the kitchen is designed to provide uniform brightness for the whole space. Lights including chandelier, ceiling light, and down light can be selected. In order to facilitate washing, vegetable cutting, and cooking, ceiling light or recessed light can be used to provide sufficient lighting. Wall light or track light can be installed where special lighting is needed.
If there is a need to install the light for operation on the countertop, a light source with color rendering of 85 is recommended. It will enable a real look at the food color.

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The bathroom is the place where we take a bath every day, and is the spacewhere we can enjoy a personal quiet time. It requires not only a bright environment, but also a soft and warm light source. It also takes into account the light that does not affect sleep when going to the toilet at night. It is necessary to set up a lighting combination that is adjustable.
For example, an independent light can be set next to the cosmetic mirror, and wall lights can be mounted on the mirror or wall of the washstand. The ultimate goal is to fully illuminate each key parts of the bathroom.

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Study Room
The study room is the private space second only to the master bedroom, so the lighting design should follow the principle of “stable, bright and soft”.
The desk, bookcases, and reading area are areas that require accent lighting. Over the desk, the light that has directional lighting and adjustable angles can be used. It guarantees the intensity of the light and avoids dazzling light source. Several small spot lights can be installed in the bookcases, from top to bottom. This kind of lighting offers convenience for us to find books, and keeps the temperature to prevent the books from damping and molding.
If condition allowed, it is the best choice to have an eye-protection table lamp. It solves the problems of the reddish color and low contrast of the incandescent light, and reduces the damage to the eyes caused by the strobe flash of the energy-saving light and fluorescent light.

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Light is not just a lighting tool. It remains to be learned when it is about the application of the light and the design of light source.

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