Installing LED Downlights Industry is Still in

by:Leimove     2020-06-18
LED, also called inorganic leds, is a kind of can convert electric power into the visible light solid semiconductor devices. It can direct the energy into light energy. In 2010, the middle LED chip manufacturing, packaging enterprise gets a pair of, lined up to bid MOCVD equipment, achieve a rapid development. In 2011, this put the fire began to burn the downstream of the application. Many industry experts agree that people LED lighting is accommodating the biggest future market, the market to $billions in millions. The LED illumination instead of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp lighting is the trend of The Times. LED the market is growing at more than 30% a year, in the poll, 33% of the building electrical contractor said that LED is ready to replace incandescent lamp, 23% of the respondents said LED to replace the compact fluorescent light energy to (CFLs), and 19 of the respondents said LED will replace fluorescent lamp. At present, the LED efficiency is more than a traditional light source. The comprehensive cost has less than incandescent lamps and halogen shoot the lamp and CFL tube light, 2012 will be equal to energy-saving lamps. In 2015 LED products might reduce the price to 2010 in 1/5, when general lighting market permeability will reach 50% in 2020 and will account for more than 75% of the lighting market. The new wide prospect of market, the fresh market LED with higher use economic value and environmental benefits (30000 hours means that 10 years for 8 hours a day). 2010-2015 years to predict 2010 efficacy reach 60 lm/W, 2015, reach 100 lm/W, price 70 yuan RMB in 2010, to 2015 yuan of the following 10 down to a level. In 2013 is expected to cost down inflection point, and that is the moment was led a large-scale promotion of the inflection point. At present, the LED lighting products advance so slow, mainly rely on the government in promoting the project, but have a good sign that, through the EMC of the emerging way to promote, through the introduction of banking, insurance, and other financial institutions, LED lighting, public lighting area industrial in fast development. Another foreign incandescent lamp into disable the countdown, short-term market will probably sell quickly grow up. The future of LED lighting by technology and the market will price the drive's fast progress. Alliance to predict, 2011 LED overall lighting market the first, in 2011-2012 started, the LED lighting will be from commercial, industrial, office and public area lighting gradually to promote home lighting.
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