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Is Light Therapy Really Useful?

Is Light Therapy Really Useful?


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Light therapy which is also known as therapy of LED light lamp, is one of the best ways of treating SAD. This treatment is done by exposure to artificial light. There is a box-like device known as a light therapy box which is used for the treatment. You are supposed to sit and work near this device.

This therapy actually affects the brain cells by easing the symptoms of SAD. It not only helps to treat SAD but also helps in curing depression and other mind-related illness. It is a very safe therapy with very low no. of side effects and that makes it the most preferred method. 

The seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is caused due to change in seasons and is a type of depression. Earlier, it was not considered as an illness in the U.S but now people have realized the importance of mental health and are taking steps to recover it. SAD generally occurs in the winter time. SAD is caused due to the reduction in the availability of sunlight and that is the reason it mostly occurs in winter months. Less available sunlight causes hormonal changes that affect the sleeping pattern and gives mood swings. It drains away from your energy. Sometimes it also occurs in the spring or summer season. It is absolutely normal to feel low at some days but if it’s getting intense then you should see a doctor immediately. Its symptoms include

-Depressed feeling all day.

-Lost interest in everything.

-Lost energy.

-Change in food habits and weight.

-Irritated feeling all day.

-Facing difficulty in concentrating on anything.

-Feeling guilty all the time and blaming yourself for everything wrong.

Light therapy is also used for facial treatments. It is used for skin rejuvenation, acne, dermatitis many more kinds of skin problems. It is used for wound healing and scarring as well. As you can see, light therapy is effective for many kinds of problems. Light therapy is done by making your skin come in contact with the LED lights through the LED light lamps placed near your skin. The light penetrates through your skin and helps in healing. It results in long-lasting results and is effective from the very first day. Different lights are used for different purposes.

Advantages of light therapy for skin

1. It calms the irritated areas of the skin and also brightens the skin. The light emitted from LED light lamps reach the different depths of your skin so as to cure the various problems. It removes the cause by which the problem is occurring and helps to fight all kinds of bacteria that cause skin irritation.

2. You can observe the results from the very first day of your therapy. The results are long lasting and really effective. It not only calms your skin but also fresh you up. 

The UV light, Spectrum light, and heat lamps should not be used while treatment for SAD. Not all LED light lamps are meant for SAD. Light therapy is also used for skin problems like acne. The LED light lamps used in skin treatment cannot be used while treating SAD.

Functions of different lights

-Blue light: it has antibacterial properties within itself. It helps in treating acne by removing the causing bacteria without causing any irritation or pain. It makes your skin less oily and hence preventing the future growth of acne. It also treats eczema and psoriasis.

-Red light: it helps in hydrating the skin and reduces the redness on the skin. It also shrinks the pores which makes them less visible. Its oil regulation function on the skin helps in future outbursts. It ensures proper circulation and repairs the skin. Doctors recommend this for the treatment of rosacea.

-IR light: it is deeply absorbed light which increases the skin absorption and removes wrinkles and lines from the face. It helps in wound healing and acne cure.

Things to keep in mind

1. Use the right LED light lamps for the procedure. Research about everything goes for light therapy. Make sure the light lamp is safe for your use. Ensure proper brightness, the right light to make it more convenient for you to use. Ask your doctor as he will give the best advice regarding your skin. 

2. Do not take a break. Just try to stick to the routine you have created for yourself as that is the most important thing that will help you to get better results of the therapy. If you break the routine, then there are chances that your therapy might not be as effective as you have expected.

3. Manage the timings. Just keep a record of the time you are spending in front of LED light lamps. This may be the major aspect of observing benefits from your therapy. Do not overtime or under time the therapy. Ask your doctor about the exact amount of time that you should give to your light therapy so as to observe more effective results.

4. Do use other treatments. If you are feeling that the light therapy is not giving you the expected results, then start or continue the other treatments that your doctor has suggested you but do not stop the light therapy. Talk to your doctor about the condition and take his help to start the side of the alternative treatment by side.

Light therapy is a very safe process which does not include many side effects. Though there are some effects that could be observed after the therapy they are not at all long lasting or fierce in anyways. They include:

-Strain in the eyes


-Feeling of nausea




Light therapy is considered one of the best ways to cure SAD and skin problems. These days both of these problems have taken a rise and are affecting a large number of people around us. These problems should not be neglected as they might become severe afterward. Using an LED light lamp may help you to deal with many problems such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and many more. Light therapy is not at all harmful and is not fixed for a particular type of skin. It works for every skin type effectively. To purchase healthy LED light lamp, you will have to search for best LED light lamp manufacturer, here is one to recommend, i.e., Zhongshan Leimove Lighting and Electrical Co.,Ltd., welcome to contact Leimove for best price now.

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