Jacob A60 Cree Q5 310LM LED Flashlight Review

by:Leimove     2020-06-18
I am looking for a Mini LED Flashlight for a long time. To choose the right item for myself, I have spend a lot of time learn how to choose the best Flashlight. Nowadays LED rules that day, technology continues to give birth to brighter flashlights that run longer on smaller batteries. So I need it small in size, brighter than normal flashlight, and the battery had better can continue on more than two hours, low prices is must, since I want to be a smart buyer online. Then the Jacob A60 come to my eyes, it meet all my needs for a outdoor lighting source, and the price is also lower than my budget. The following is a short review on it. Size and Appearence It comes small in size and very handy to use. In the store's photos, it seems a little bigger than the itemself, maybe the retailer just want to let customers see more clearly about it, but ignore to outstanding it's small size. It's so small and will fit your hands very well, you can also keep it in your pocket everywhere at anytime. It must be the best gift for outdoor lovers. When I first take it out of box, I can't helping express my loving for it. At first glance, the flashlight body is surprisingly decent for the cheap price, black color make it seems very noble, and strap on the finish is very conneivent for you to take it outsiede. Cree Q5 Using I simply read the manual and using it at once. It's easy to use, just press the button on the finish, the light will turn on. If you want to change the mode, you need to press the button again. It has three mode for you to choose, high, low, fast strobe. Normally the low light is well for using. The high light is so strong just like the bright sunshine. The flashlight initially comes apart into three mains sections. The head, the battery tube and the tailcap. Upon inspection of the head, you'll notice that the the anodizing is good, with very few marks. Not the best anodizing I've seen but for a light in it's price range, its more than acceptable. There is a pattern milled into the head near the bezel. This helps with grip when removing and replacing the bezel if ever your need to gain access to the lens or reflector. It also helps very well with aesthetic looks. If you were to mount this light on a rifle, it would not look out of place as it bears a strong resemblance to many riflescope designs at the front end. The bezel also has broad sweeping crenelations. It is definitely a design which is very pleasing to the eye. The LED module that came with mine is rated for 3.7 to 4.2 volts, so it doesn't work with two CR123A batteries. Throws Amazing Light The light throws amazingly well, it sends a narrow beam of light to a long distance. It has a very small focused hot spot, throws very far and bright. It is hard to believe an small flashlight does so very well. The low setting does not flicker or blink at an annoying rate. You can stand the light on the switch end to flood a room with light. The spec's for this light spy there is no memory but actually 'poor memory' would be more correct. It always comes on in the next mode from the one you last used. This is annoying of course as it means that you always have to go through strobe mode. 18650 Battery This is a single 18650 3 mode focus flashlight. The name 18650 means that the battery has a diameter of 18mm and is 65mm long. With a good 18650 battery it will stay bright for 3 hours or so. The battery life is again another plus point it will keep going on and on. The Cree Q5 is the king of budget throwers in every sense and worth every penny paid for. Nicely finished, good clean machining and the wide knurling provides a great grip. If you are looking for a cheap led flashlight, maybe you can consider this one.
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