Kelvin LED Table Lamp

by:Leimove     2020-06-17
FLOS Kelvin, a specially designed table lamp by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen in 2009, is more than another signature product from FLOS. FLOS, the world renounced Italian company operating for long in designer illumination niche is well known for their super designed products that best complement with the environment whether for interior or exterior use. Kelvin from FLOS is no exception. It still has it's great meaning presumed identically. The table lamp, like many other products from FLOS, comes with different variations and tastes. Among all it's variations and diverse ranges of features, FLOS Kelvin remains truly a design with simplicity where light is given the space to talk for itself. The making The very basic style of working of FLOS is to let the light talk for itself. You will not find some sharp or large object that causes obstruction on the passage of the light. Instead people from FLOS try to explore ways where and how the light, the illumination can get it's most meaningful presence. FLOS Kelvin is such a table lamp that comes after meeting all the considerations. With 30 Top 270 Lumen LED lightings on the swivel head and double pantograph arm on a 160 millimeter base, FLOS Kelvin is more than a table lamp and decorative lighting device. It comes with three polishes finishing of black, white and anthracite that ensure its shiny white, shiny black and anthracite colored look. The body is made up from extruded aluminum alloy, stainless steel compensation spring and acetalic resin molded injection slides inside. It has a on-off optic switch on top of the head. With different docking systems like base, clamp, wall arm, desk support with visible cord and desk support with hidden cord, FLOS Kelvin has all the arrangements built-in for you to try on your reading room and library. Why FLOS Kelvin Even if you consider Kelvin to be a designer icon from FLOS, you will not be wrong perceiver. This great value item is more than a decoration piece. It's ability to light up the surrounding environment with light emitting capabilities, FLOS Kelvin is a piece of table lamp that truly ensures avenues for the light to brighten up itself. With 220/240 voltage power consumption and 30 LED lumen, this table lamp will give you enough bright light with flexibilities of moving and folding around staying economical in power consumption. It is needless to say that FLOS Kelvin table lamp is one of it's kinds and can greatly complement any of your table lamp needs. FLOS Kelvin: your artistic choice Flos, the Italian company, is praised across the globe for it's capabilities to identify the true design potentials and skills, have standardized it's interior product line with the introduction of FLOS Kelvin. If you have requirements to buy any table lamp, then ideally FLOS Kelvin would be your first choice. After all, FLOS Kelvin is not just a table lamp but also a decorative element to place inside your home and that knows how to emit the light for reading purpose with all its 30 LED lumen's. It is stylist and convenient to use. Try it.
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