Lasik The New Definition of Eye Surgery

by:Leimove     2020-06-08
How well do you know your eye? Are all its anatomical intricacies understood by you? Well, if your answer to these questions is a complete negative one or a partially positive one, you have a very strong reason as to why you must carry on reading this article. Knowing your Eye Human eye is a photosensitive organ stimulating vision in our body. It can be categorised into three parts as sclerotic layer: outermost bony layer including cornea and conjunctiva, choroid layer: in middle consisting of pupil, ciliary body, iris and lens, and retina: light sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye containing millions of photoreceptors (rods and cones) that convert light rays into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain via optic nerve. A real and inverted image of an object is formed on a retina. Fovea centralis is an area of sharpest vision due to the high concentration of cones in this region while blind spot or optic disk lack the presence of rod or cone cells, hence, no image formation takes place in this region. What is Lasik? Lasik is the most advanced technique of conducting optical surgery. The seat of operation is cornea, a transparent, hemispherical tissue covering the front section of the eye. This is a process of correcting one's vision using laser rays by forming a thin membrane like covering on frontier part of the cornea and subsequently restructuring the cornea under this membrane-like covering. This is done using Excimer laser. Once the process is complete the flap or thin membrane is restored. it safe? Imagine what happens to a yolk of an egg when pricked with a needle or your delicate eye with any sharp object. In both these cases the proper state of functioning of an organ stops forever! And especially when a patient suffering from a particular eye disorder, is led to the operation theatre, this is the fear he/she bear in heart. Inspired by your life experts have now come up with this technique of bladeless eye correction surgery, Lasik surgery, where the entire procedure of working out your cornea is guided by certain wave fronts. Why is Lasik so popular? If you are wondering as to what makes a random surgical method so important as to be discussed with such gravity and to such depths, then the answer is its utility. In the course of our day to day business when there not a second to be spared for clumsiness and action becomes the spur of the moment, post-operation inconveniences can play havoc in both our personal and public life. So Lasik's amazing factor is, it never compels you to buy extra time for recovery. Outer layer of the thin membrane continues to retain its smoothness; hence, the recovery of your eye is faster than ever and that too without any inconveniences. Your eye is your link to the colorful world. Studies say that the human eye can distinguish more or less ten million colors. So if you don't want to miss upon this blissful life you need to learn to take more informed decisions about your eye and attend to your eye problems with greater solemnity.
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