LCD And LED Display Technologies For TVs And Mobiles Alike

by:Leimove     2020-06-16
There were times when the cathode ray tube based TVs held sway. In fact, these ruled the TV display technology till the last decade of the last century when their global sales dipped for the first time against the rising sale of the LCD TV sets. All major companies of the world, which make the consumer electronic items, including Samsung, have now shifted their focus on making the more practical, slimmer, LCD/LED TV sets which are fast replacing the outdated CRT sets. The Samsung LED TV is an improvement over the LCD TV since the former uses light emitting diode for backlighting purposes, obviating the need for a tube. The result is the emergence of the visually more appealing and wall-mountable TVs. LCD/LED technology has made it possible for the companies to provide real life display to the users in the various modern devices that they use. Computers and mobiles are two of the most important areas where this technology finds application. Samsung Galaxy and a range of the smart phones with wide touchscreen features use the LCD/LED display technology. Mobiles are used for a range of picture and video based works. Whether it is the playing of the multi-media files, or browsing the internet or even viewing the pictures shot from the mobile camera, these screens provide the most real-to-life display of the photos. The LCD TV screens in mobiles are a blessing since these provide the best viewing experience of the photos, videos and along with the high resolution cameras that these smart phones come with, the viewing never got better anytime before. When the times of the CRT based TVs were around, the LCD display was limited only to monochrome screen which glowed with one light only. Mobiles have a long way since then. With better contrast ratios and higher resolution capabilities, the picture quality does not leave much to be desired. Samsung LED TV is more costly than the CRT TV. Further, the latter gives a better view from the side angles, which is not the case with the former. For the TV, where the screens are bigger, you might need to sit straight in order to see the pictures, images or videos. But, in mobiles, due to the comparatively smaller screen size and essentially single user usage, this visual distortion does not matter much as it does in case of LCD TV. The major benefits of the Samsung LED TVs are their excellent audio-visual delivery, slim and sleek features and the flexibility of using these as wall mounts which occupies less space. These also form part of home theatre system since wider screens can be made using the LCD/LED technology while retaining their sleekness. This was not possible in the era of CRT TVs. This has enabled the use of these TV for public viewing, besides the home or office viewing. Today, one can see these being used in the shopping malls, stadiums, crowded markets and other outdoor places.
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