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by:Leimove     2020-06-16
June of this year, LCD panel industry has been depressed for nearly three consecutive years. June 29, BOE 8.5 generation line officially put into light, the LCD industry, the battle is more intense. In this fight, the fighters even when they have to bleed, can not stop the fighting, endurance best people who can see the dawn. June 8, light from the BOE 8.5 generation line operation and 20 days. Located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone BOE 8.5 generation line plant, the staff is still nervously moved equipment, work-site school in full swing scene. At the same time, the global LCD panel prices still hovering at the bottom. In 2010, in addition to Samsung's LCD panel business profitability is still claimed, the world's large-scale panel makers suffered a loss to varying degrees, even with Apple's order Barghouti's LG Display spared. However, the Bureau of the fighters are aware that access to the LCD panel industry, like to join the arena, even if the scars can not back down, in order not to be knocked down, and only continue to expand the scale of investment in order to gain a competitive advantage. In addition to their own safety, the LCD panel fighters also shoulder the country's flat panel display industry and combat tasks. 'In 2010, China produced 998 million mobile phones, 118 million TV sets, personal computers .2.46 million units, digital cameras, 090 million units, ranking first in the world.' In the 'Eleventh Five-Year' electronic information industry development fund to report the results show, Industry and Information Technology Department of Electronic Information, Deputy Director Diao Shi Jing, entitled 'the new situation of China's flat panel display industry,' the report pointed out that the future IT development will be presented 'to show the center' trend. LCD flat panel display industry as the representative of the national economy has also become an important support. In 2009, the international financial crisis, the sluggish market demand. This situation, occupying most of the flat panel display market share of Korean companies by virtue of its ability to integrate industry chain, the more smoothly through the crisis, other LCD panel makers and LCD TV makers have suffered heavy losses. This case illustrates the flat panel display LCD panel for the entire field of great influence. Mainland China has set off a wave of construction of LCD panel production line of the boom. A large number of mainland China to join the new force, making the LCD panel industry's struggle is more intense. First quarter of 2011, demand for LCD TVs and other products as expected, makes the LCD panel industry's collective blood loss champion again. First quarter of 2011, China Taiwan enterprises in the first quarter total of four panels loss of $ 3 billion New Taiwan dollars (about $ 1 billion), mainland China's BOE loss of 675 million yuan also. Since 2008, the LCD panel industry began to look forward to an early out of the trough. In 2011, this hope is more enthusiastic. Morgan Stanley said in a report last September that the panel industry in half a year after the revised inventory is expected in 2011 into a strong upward cycle, mainly due to the 2010 amendment to the second half of 2011 will benefit supply side of LCD panel, and LED-backlit LCD TV trend, local economic recovery, demand will continue to drive the LCD panel. In January this year, Samsung Electronics, said Zhang Yuanji panel president, small and medium-size panel prices have been the first to reverse the upward, the fastest large-size panel prices started in March prices, rebound faster than expected. With this year in January, executive vice president of AUO, said Peng double wave, whether from the shipping price or terms, in the first quarter is the industry trough. In particular, continued growth in demand for LCD TVs this year, with TV size continued to enlarge, but the supply capacity due to conservative attitudes, expansion is limited, this would surely be a good year. However, the reporter from the Display data obtained show that since April 2011, the panel did not show a significant rise. Among them, 32-inch panel prices $ 4; 37 in. flat panel prices; 40 inches to 42-inch panel prices edged up $ 1, and 46-inch panel prices fell by $ 11 instead. DisplaySearch data show that in the first quarter of 2010 experienced a 50% increase after the first quarter of 2011, the global LCD TV market growth rate decreased significantly, sales of 44.3 million units, up only 9%. At the same time, in 2011 to 2012, but over a number of seventh-generation LCD panel production line will be put into. 'In the future, new applications the opportunity to leave the LCD panel, there are many, for example, in the past two years, tablet PCs, smart phones give us the opportunity not only been profitable line of 4.5-generation, we are now part of five generations with cutting production line for the Tablet PC to use the LCD panel, the higher its profits. 'face the capacity expansion and market demand, poor challenge, BOE vice president Zhang Yu said,' In the future, many areas will have a new LCD panel demand, for example, now has restaurants with a la carte Tablet PC and other equipment, some even with an entire liquid crystal display as a desktop, for those a la carte dining and entertainment. these new applications will drive demand for LCD panels. ' In fact, the LCD panel has several ups and downs. Every time there was a peak and trough, will be played leap-owned enterprises, enterprises also have had to quit the theater. LCD panel the first rise cycle is affected by the rapid growth in 1998 driven by notebook computers. This year, seven years of consecutive losses of the Samsung LCD panel shipments reached 10 million, ranking first in the world. 1999, LG and Philips formed LG.Philips company, then ranked second in the world shipping; Samsung, Dell, $ 8.5 billion by the world's first orders to maintain market share; Hyundai and IBM, Compaq, and Gateway entered into a 5 supply contract was $ 8,000,000,000. South Korea surpassed Japan's enterprise-wide business. Since 2001, the low cycle, although a loss, but 2001 to 2002, Samsung, LG teeth are large-scale investment, were set up two five-generation line and a 5th generation line, a 6 Line, Taiwan's AU Optronics also launched the three consecutive five-generation line, Chi Mei has also established a four-generation line. In 2003 and 2004, by the LCD industry, the rapid growth of the golden period, these lines play a crucial role in laying the Samsung, LG, AUO, Chi Mei's market position. However, in multiple rounds in and had a lot of people out of business. Hyundai, Philips is one of the representatives, on our radio and television, but also tragic to become the LCD panel industry's paving stones. LCD panel business of fighting, has become a battle of endurance. Who quite the end, can become a winner. Fear, is down before dawn.
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