Led Bulb

At Leimove, except for offering high-quality LED light, we can also produce LED bulbs. It is an electric light that produces light by the light-emitting diode and is used for luminaries.

It is a kind of filament bulb with a transparent glass lamp shade. It is made of completely environmental-friendly materials with no heat radiation and contains no mercury and other harmful materials. The surface is made of superior-quality aluminum alloy and PC diffusion materials so that the product has an elegant and unique appearance. It also has a wide range of voltage input from AC100V to AC240V. With a constant current drive and high elector-optical conversion efficiency, the product ensures no stroboscopic and fast response. It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency and full light at any angle. Being designed with different types of E27, E26, E14, and B22 that meets the international standard, the product can be compatible with all kinds of traditional lightings which satisfy different needs of customers.

Leimove filament bulb has the performance of over-current, overload, and no-load protection. It has a lifespan much longer than other incandescent lamps and is significantly more efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps. 2-year warranty of LED bulb is also provided.

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