LED bulb lamp price terminal market shows a downward trend

by:Leimove     2020-03-28
The retail price of LED bulbs declined in March 2013. According to the latest LED bulb retail price survey conducted by LEDinside, a research department under TrendForce, a global market research institution, there were not many new items of LED bulb products in various regional markets in March, the original commodity prices basically showed a steady downward trend. The average retail price of 40 w led bulbs in the world fell by 3. 9%, came to 17. One dollar. The global average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W fell by 6. 5%. 5%, came to 24. One dollar. To replace the traditional 40W incandescent bulbs, the world's lowest price has reached US $4. LEDinside said that the global retail average price for 40 w led bulbs was about US $3 in March 2013. 9% fell to 17. One dollar. Among them, the March prices in the UK and Germany fell by 5. 3% and 6. 1%, the original commodity prices in the two markets basically showed a stable downward trend, and the exchange rate increase also prompted the average price to fall. The average price of goods that replaced 40W in the Japanese market fell by about 4. 5%, the original commodity prices fell steadily, and the exchange rate rose, which also led to a decline in prices. The average price of goods in the US market showed 5 in March. 1% fell. South Korea's market March prices fell slightly by 1. In 4%, the price of commodities replacing 40W in the Chinese market fell by 2. 3%, reaching 10. 8 US dollars, still the lowest in the current market. The lowest price also fell, reaching 4. One dollar. Taiwan's commodity prices showed 0. In March. 4% fell slightly. Replacing the traditional 60W incandescent bulbs, the average price of each market fell steadily. In March, the global average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W showed 6. 5%. 5% fell to 24. One dollar. The price of the Japanese market in March was 3. 8% fell to 25. $8. The original commodity prices fell steadily, and the Korean market price showed 1. 4% fell slightly, and the original commodity prices remained unchanged, mainly due to the price drop caused by the exchange rate rise. The price of the US market in March was 2. 9% fell, the original commodity prices fluctuated slightly, and the prices of new items were lower. The UK and Germany market prices were 11. 3% and 6. 5% decline, the original commodity prices in both markets fell steadily, and the rise in exchange rates also led to price declines. The Chinese market replaced 60W commodity prices fell sharply by 15. 5%, reaching 17. One dollar. The original commodity prices remained basically stable, mainly due to the lower prices of new domestic brand bulbs, which led to lower average prices. The average price of commodities replacing 60W in Taiwan fell by 6. In March. 4%, reaching 13. 9 US dollars, the original commodity price fell slightly, and the exchange rate rose also promoted the price decline. The market competition is fierce, and the price of LED bulbs replacing 40W in the Asian market is faster, replacing the 40W commodity part. The price of local brand bulbs in the Chinese market continues to maintain low prices. As above, 6. 5WLED bulbs, with a luminous flux of 450 lumens, were sold to 4. In the Chinese market in March. $1, the lowest in all statistical markets. In addition to the United Kingdom and Germany, the lowest price of LED bulbs replacing 40W in other statistical regions is also below US $10. Judging from the average price of each market, the average price in the Asian market is generally lower than that in the European and American markets in replacing the 40 w led bulb. In order to replace the 60 w led bulb, there is no significant difference between the Japanese and Korean markets and the European and American markets except for the low average price of local brands in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. LEDinside believes that the main reason for this phenomenon is that compared with the commodities that replace 60 W, the commodities that replace 40W currently have relatively high usage rate and penetration rate in the Asian market, so the market competition is more intense, product prices have also fallen relatively fast.
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