LED Bulbs are Being Used to Light Movie Sets

by:Leimove     2020-06-15
LED Bulbs have gone to Hollywood. Recently B&M lighting or Bardwell & McAlister Lighting, which have been the cutting edge innovators for the television, still photography and motion picture lighting market, along with Universal Studios, one of the world's biggest and oldest movie studios, unveiled Mac Tech LED, a new revolutionary and efficient lighting product. With the use of specially created LED Bulb and tube technology, Bardwell & McAlister Lighting has made 4 product models that use 30 to 70 present less power compared to conventional studio lighting given the steady color temperatures in both tungsten and daylight plus are lightweight for trouble-free strike and load-in. you can only rent the light sets via Universal Studios Set Lighting. The President, of B&M Lighting, Ray Wolffe, stated that they have spent a little over two years in designing high production LED chips, which are used in the LED Bulbs They have been working very closely with veteran and experienced television and film professionals. Using the Mac Tech LED, the production can only use Edison stingers and plugs, using the 50k hour LED Bulbs and even save on the air conditioning since the LED Bulbs and tubes would run cool even if used for a long time. The Mac Tech LED lights are comprised of 4 products, these models can be used in different environments. These would be the China Lights, Soft Boxes LED Sled and Slimline. They are assembled at Sun Valley, California and are made out of 100% reusable aluminum. Universal Studios Set Lighting Vice-President Rick Maas said that the models advanced quality with its rugged construction and light out pore has already attained great responses from production communities who have used it. With the Mac Tech LED, customers are given the option of lighting that has gone through production testing and are easy to install while significantly minimizing the power needed in the set for distribution. LED bulbs and similar technologies have certainly helped in making the film industry to its share of using eco-friendly and efficient products. B&M Lighting has done production equipments and lighting form motion pictures and television since 1926. The company has gained the respects of multiple film studios and filmmakers that they provide with the best services and products. Universal Studios is a leading entertainment and media company that is in to the development, marketing and production of entertainment, information and news, catering to a worldwide audience. Both of these companies have shown that the LED Bulbs technology has not only helped out home owners, but production staffs as well to cut cost and help consume less power.
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