LED can be used to write poetry, dance, light therapy

by:Leimove     2020-06-09
Expert opinion Light has been trapped in the bulb,but now in a sense it was liberated, which can be called 'revolutionary.' This revolutionary light bulb 150 years ago with the invention of the same or even more great. --- The Netherlands Institute of Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology, Professor Em ileAarts We can now achieve better control of light, which indicates that the next technological revolution will not be a revolution, but a social revolution. By LED technology, we can build together the future of interactive picture of a sustainable world, which like all the same as human skin has been extended. --- Dutch industrial designer DaanRoosegaarde Edison invented the light bulb changed human life, but now the light bulb era is about to become history. 'To light, may not have lights bulbs.' December 9 - 11, at the Guangzhou International Design Week to carry out 'light bloom' LED Design Exhibition,China LED lighting and lighting designed has gone beyond the concept, it can interact with people, can be used to promote plant growth, even used to write poetry. 150 years ago, Edison invented the light bulb, change the human light control. A half century later, the bulb of the challenger has stood on the stage and shine. The near future, lighting tool will no longer fluorescent tubes and light bulbs, replaced by 'LED', which is commonly known as LED. At the same time, LED itself is also upgraded, 'Organic Light Emitting Diode' OLED has been in the digital products have been widely used. Dutch artists, architects and designers in the application of LED and OLED lighting is a world leader. 'Light bloom' LED design exhibition in Eindhoven, the Netherlands after the great success of its world tour. The end of September, 'light bloom' on display at the Beijing International Design Week. December 9 -11, the 'light bloom' in the Guangzhou International Design Week debut. Guangzhou International Design Week, 'Light bloom' to the audience makes the development of LED technology not only in light bulbs, and fluorescent in flash, not just energy while lasting LED light bulbs, designers can now use different materials, create shapes, different functions of the light material, which in the past can not be achieved. School of Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology, Professor, 'Philips Research,' project director, deputy director and science Emile Aarts said, 'We will from the 'light time' into 'lighting solutions for the times', functionality will replace the hardware The position of the semiconductor industry can learn from the experience, which is developed by the chip and the computer, like the iPad that we now have to change our way of life products, there are many like Microsoft, Google and eBay and other Internet companies to provide services. lighting industry will undergo such a change. ' In fact, the light is being achieved transition from analog to digital, it can be controlled under the assistance of a computer to realize a conscious design as well as interact with people. All of these features for the sustainability and quality of life provided a new opportunity. actually a digital LED light, so it can open up infinite possibilities. LED light can be a dialogue between man and 'Interaction' with the traditional lighting LED lighting is the biggest difference between the sound and movement of people through digital technology to convey to the LED, the output of different types of light to change people's senses. In the 'light bloom' entrance corridor, the layout of the Dutch industrial designer Daan Roosegaarde work 'Dune.' The piece built-in microphone, sonar, speakers, software, and light-emitting fibers, capable of sensing motion and issued through the light of those sounds. Maas River Rotterdam, the Netherlands has a 60-meter-long device, 'dune' landscape, truly a perfect fusion of nature and technology. Daan Roosegaarde bring another piece of 'Lotus.' This piece by secret space and open space between the transparent hollow to obtain energy. People here have taken place with changes in the poetic space, the physical wall has become irrelevant in the future we can shuttle in the wall? 'For him, the' Lotus 'is to move to create' real fluid building 'the first step in the future,' the stairs, doors and traffic lights will be able to expect our actions. I hope I can use my studio and within five years time, to create one when you enter it will open up their buildings. Dancers will be the first person to spend it. ' 'Intimate' is a dark electronic foil with the composition of women's work. When people rely on the more recent, the clothes will be more transparent. Designed to produce the sound and movement instinct interactive landscape, Daan Roosegaarde see the dawn of scientific and technological progress. He used his 'poetry science and technology', show space, people and the dynamic relationship between digital culture. Through this interaction, works to create a 'high-tech to touch,' the state, making the visitors with the integration of public space. LED can also promote the growth of vegetables, do light therapy for infants LE D lighting equipment in addition to create a poetic atmosphere, there are many useful features. A piece of the exhibition on display in blue and purple light irradiation, the growth of plants. This blue-violet light to promote plant growth, saving energy and reducing waste of resources. In this LED light source with the help of sunlight no matter what the environment region can grow vegetables. Studies have shown that traditional artificial light sources produce too much heat, such as the use of LED lighting systems as a supplement, the air can be recycled, excessive heat and moisture can be removed, energy can be efficiently translated into effective photosynthetic radiation, and ultimately into substances required for plant growth. LED can be applied not only in agriculture, in the medical field has also been widely used. Baby blanket built-in LED light therapy can play a role. If the newborn babies with kernicterus, the LED light blanket to absorb blue-violet light emitted after the toxins through decomposition, ultimately from the body. LED light therapy devices have become an ideal material, because they glow when the heat is low, can reduce the baby's injuries. LED can be used to write poetry The invention of LED light as the brush can give a designer, lighting presents a poetic picture. 'Light bloom' exhibition, there are a few pieces of similar bubble lighting, dream-like floating in the exhibition hall. Look at this carefully called 'clear dream' house work, even only see the light, can not see the light bulb. LED light dispersed in the entire flat surface of the glass ball, it looks like a natural soap. 'DanceRail' put the light of the art of body art and dance together. LED light product can be induced to emit visible light the dancer's attitude changes, the feeling of the dancers pass to the audience. Dancers use it to perform solo, in fact, dancing with the light, the light has become a new medium, and body movements, the formation of the whole dance music with artistic effect.
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