Led Desk Lamp

Leimove desk lamp offers many advantages like energy saving, less heat, cheaper price, and longer life compared to other desk lightings in the market.

The lamp head and lamp arm are all made of high-quality polycarbonate, which effectively solves the heat dissipation issue, protects the LED chip, and increases the LED lifespan. This series of product has a gooseneck design which can present a perfect light angle. Users can bend or twist the lamp to any angle based on real needs. Made of high-quality ABS, a durable hard shell in the exterior, and pretty heavy base, the product will not move or tip over and is stable enough when adjusting the angle. In addition, the product is designed with a dimmable & memory function. There are 3 dimming levels that can be controlled by a simple touch, through which users can dim the light to adjust the perfect brightness level when reading, studying, relaxing and so on. The most important advantage of this kind of product is that it provides uniform, flicker-free, and shadow-free lighting, which brings much pleasant and comfortable viewing experience to eyes.

Leimove provides 6 different colors for the desk lamp including brown, rose gold, silver, blue, black, and red. The product can not only protect the eyesight of the people and can also display a perfect decorative effect for the home.

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As the fourth generation of the new energy-saving light source, an LED light source is used as the light source for all kinds of lamps. The incandescent lamp as a light source has a luminous efficiency of only 5%, and the luminous efficiency of the LED light source is almost 90%. LED lighting has become the focus of everyone's attention because of its high energy saving, long life and environmental protection. The desk lamp is an ordinary lamp used by every household. In recent years, the high-brightness LED light source has been leaps and bounds due to its manufacturing technology, and its production cost has been reduced. 

Now, the table lamp can use the LED light source as high brightness, high efficiency and power saving. A carbon-free lighting source. Leimove as professional table lamp manufacturers specializing in a dimmable led desk lamp for many years. selling the best table lamps for the number of users at home and abroad. More details, welcome to click our led desk lamp products to have a look.

The LED desk lamp is a kind of mobile illumination source closely related to the daily life of the masses. Especially for teenagers who often need to read during the growth phase, the performance of LED desk lamps and the protection of the eyes are particularly important. According to statistics, the myopia rate of young people in China has increased year by year. Among them, the habit of reading lamps and the choice of table lamps are an important factor.

Led desk lamp purchase tips:

Many people have a general understanding of the led desk lamp, but it may be difficult to purchase the best table lamps. There are so many brands of LED desk lamps. When you purchase a led table lamp, you need to know fou tips as follow:

1. Appearance of Led table lamp:

If the appearance of the work is rough, the quality of its products is hard to believe how good it will be. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to when choosing an LED desk lamp is the appearance of the products. Some brands say that the gap is within the acceptable range, but if they really pursue If the quality is good, then there will be dissatisfaction with the small gap. Therefore, when buying a desk lamp, you should not buy a table lamp with poor workmanship.

2. Is it optically processed?

When buying LED desk lamps, please pay attention to whether there is optical processing. If it is a desk lamp with directly exposed chips, it will not only be glaring but also cause glare and cause certain damage to the eyes.

When purchasing a led desk lamp as a learning lighting fixture, how to choose best table lamps for study? We should pay special attention to the glare of the fixture. Do not let the light project straight into the eye. Since the light is directly projected on the eye, the eye will have a photophobic feeling and be easily tired, and the pupil will be narrowed and the surrounding area will be darkened, resulting in an unclear line of sight. Reading and writing in such a glare environment for a long time will greatly impair your eyesight. With eye hygiene, we should start with high-quality lighting, which requires us to pay more attention to the quality of lighting when purchasing led desk lamps.

3. Can the led desk lamp dim?

Dimming is divided into grading dimming, which is how many levels are fixed. This kind of dimming method does not make much sense. After all, the difference in sensitivity to brightness is still very large. Therefore, those sub-level dimming protects vision. There is no practical use, it can only be regarded as a gimmick of product value-added; when choosing, you should choose the stepless dimming (ie, gradient dimming), the brightness of the light is not fixed, you can adjust according to your own needs. The light that is too bright or too dark can cause eye damage, so the right light is important.

4. Can I adjust the color temperature of the LED desk lamp?

The actual use of the led desk lamp's color temperature is not large, although some merchants claim what kind of light color is better in the season, the color temperature that is most suitable for the eyes is about 5000K, which is slightly yellowish.

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