Led Desk Lamp

Leimove desk lamp offers many advantages like energy saving, less heat, cheaper price, and longer life compared to other desk lightings in the market.

The lamp head and lamp arm are all made of high-quality polycarbonate, which effectively solves the heat dissipation issue, protects the LED chip, and increases the LED lifespan. This series of product has a gooseneck design which can present a perfect light angle. Users can bend or twist the lamp to any angle based on real needs. Made of high-quality ABS, a durable hard shell in the exterior, and pretty heavy base, the product will not move or tip over and is stable enough when adjusting the angle. In addition, the product is designed with a dimmable & memory function. There are 3 dimming levels that can be controlled by a simple touch, through which users can dim the light to adjust the perfect brightness level when reading, studying, relaxing and so on. The most important advantage of this kind of product is that it provides uniform, flicker-free, and shadow-free lighting, which brings much pleasant and comfortable viewing experience to eyes.

Leimove provides 6 different colors for the desk lamp including brown, rose gold, silver, blue, black, and red. The product can not only protect the eyesight of the people and can also display a perfect decorative effect for the home.

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